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November 18, 2007

Magic Zaoza

Well guys, I'l the happiest man ever...I recieved a video from the fake street magician, the fake David Blaine for those who don't know him: Youpppiii !

and there's an amazing Hollywoodian trailer for the thingy that will be launched soon in France!!!

Please guys, stop teasing us !!! and reveal your magic Zaoza .

November 16, 2007

Street Magic: The Teaser by Zaoza

I recieved earlier this morning this link
where I found an old video of Street Magic by the famous Fake David Blaine.

The video is hillarious and I am eager to see the sequal.

November 13, 2007

Emma: Je t'aime

Someone created a blog called: Emma, Je t'aime. (Emma, I love You) & he explains that he left his girlfriend and he regrets it really bad ...
So instead of depression, he choose to talk to the entire univers about his regrets...
It's so poetic, it's so tender and true...
We'll...I'm depressed, i thought it was true for a moment... but, look what i found:
the site domain was bought on the 28 of August by:
owner-name: La Chose
One more time, Love is exploited, Love is crashed, Love is ...
All this for a brand, a product, a € ... Please !!!!

November 12, 2007

Diesel Style Lounge

Today, Diesel launched its e-commerce site on
Inspired from the Matrix or the Abyss, the animations are surealistic.
Special effects, great music, a sub water univers, with a touch of poetry.
This new site shows different outfits by Diesel (of course), that you cab buy online through the website.
What impressed me is the 3D Motion Graphics, used for Matrix; the same technology using a digital camera with 250/s in order to obtain high quality slow motions.

November 08, 2007

Believe The YPE's

How to know everything about London? Ask the YPE's.Your Personal Expert is a concept created by Mediaedge:cia for Eurostar in order to communicate about the New train station, St. Pancras, connecting Paris to London.
The concept, produced by Milk & Muller is very interactive since you can communicate Live, every thursday, with one of the YPE's regarding your preferences in life.
You have the Business, Shopping, Clubbing, Culture & Art start by knowing them on
The website, created by Fullsix is perfectly designed with numerous features, a very English touch, and precise expertise on everythign related to London, with God save the Style.
Continue reading (in French) on
and God save the Queen!

October 29, 2007

The Bionic Test

A new Tv series Bionic Woman was launched some weeks ago on NBC. A dedicated website was developped to communicate about this new series with a Bionic Test to take in some minutes.
The porblem is that the test doesn't work on an AZERTY keyboard and you should change the settings of your PC in order to play. It's a bit decieving for french people but ... I don't think the communication is targeting frenchies :) so it ain't a big problem !
I enjoyed the game and it kept on the BAT site for some long minutes.
Hopefully the series will come to France to see how it looks like !
My score is only : 26% Bionic because of the keyboard...i'll redo it as soon as I get my keyboard settings changed

See What You're Made Of - Visit The Official Site

October 15, 2007

Mars ... et ça repart !

Une source proche de Mars nous apprend qu'une version de film télé, alternative à celle qui passe en ce moment, a été proposée mais n'a pas été retenue pour son aspect assez sexo-provocant .

Néanmoins, son côté décalé m'a suffisamment séduit pour vous inciter à visionner cette copie !
En tout cas, j'aime bien, et on sait tous ce qu'on fait quand on veut que ... ça repart ;)

Interactive video clip: Arcade Fire

This is the first time I see such a perfect interactive video clip.
Arcade Fire, the Canadian Indie group launched their Neon Bible clip on the web, with an interactive Flash / HTML / Roll over & Click .
Well, the virtual era is taking a leap beyond TV existence.
Now you can even interact with a musical video clip, listen to the song, know the band and especially spend time watching the creative work of the group.
Interact here and enjoy !

October 05, 2007

Radiohead : In Rainbows

It's set...Radiohead will launch their new album In rainbow on their own website and they will offer to the World, for free all the album songs.
This is not the first time that a band does this, Prince did it before; but what's new about their offer is that you can download the album and then decide the amount of money you wanna pay for it !
You can pay "0" and you can pay 1.000.000 ...
it depends if you liked the album or not !
Thanks Radiohead for this gift !
and by the way, the album will be launched on the 10th of October (not in January as media said earlier this month)
Hopefully, it will do a great buzz and people will pay a certain amount of pounds cause Radiohead deserve it !

September 21, 2007

Williams Razors

After the DARE...the followers.
Williams razors launched a new campaign called: USPP (the Special Unit of Skin Protection)
It reminded me of the DARE, the Right for Eccentric Shaving.

It's good sometimes to be inspired by the ideas of others, but what's better is to enhance them and make them more creative.
Sincerely, I don't see anything creative in this campaign, (even though my opinion is biased)
Once on the site, you feel that you're in a childhood universe, where wannabe heroes invite you to join them and save the planet !
A special feature invites you to go further in the adventure by going to Second Life or My Space...I didn't get the point.
Bref, the site is too complicated, no clear message whatsoever, and the worse part of it, is that you are obliged to subscribe to the newsletter in order to validate your registration.
I have never seen this in my life !!!
Anyway, if Williams wants to compete with its rivals on the Web, like Wilkinson and its perfect Fight For Kisses video and The all time winner DARE, they have a long long way to go !

September 20, 2007

Kit gourmand: the revelation

Well...we didn't have to wait until the 24th to see the revelation of the site.
as I mentioned earlier in this post.
Les Hommes Objets are already online and kicking. Who else but Buzzman can buzz the buzzer that well !
The site is about the 20 years anniversary of TF1 tele shopping.
Several types of men are proposed on the site: the Alarm Man, the Jar Opener Man ...
You can also create your own Ombre ... so, ladies, if you ain't happy with your teddy bear, you have the chance now to create your own Monster.
The site is easy to surf, the game contest is a short registration & basta.
I think that the email database will explode since the gift is catchy.
I will wait to see the real Homme Objet Live in paris during October.
Until then, thanks Buzzman for the Pickles !

Le Kit Gourmand

I recieved this beautiful Kit from L'Homme Ouvre Bocal, and I can say, this is well thought 'cause I'm having a small dinner at my place and this Kit with some sausages and some pickles will do the job...with a glass of Gin of course.
Actually, it's a new website called: (the Ojects Men) if I might say ! A booklet guides you in how to open the Jar and it's translated in Chinese I think. Quite funny :)
A teasing website will be launched on the 24th of september.
Until then ... keep the Taste ;)

September 17, 2007

Dance with Bob

Sony Ericsson just launched its new game contest in partnership with the french Dj Bob Sinclar.
To participate to the contest, upload your video on a dedicated website: while dancing on a Bob Sinclar's song & win either a trip to see Bob Sinclar LIVE or the new mobile Sony Ericsson W580.

The site is amazing and well designed.
The partnership with Dailymotion is perfectly thought in order to take advantage of its community and tahir creativity.
And here's the intro video that I really enjoyed. The tecktonik effect :)

September 13, 2007

Monster Anti-Boueltte, the worldwide recruitment agency just launched a funny website about recruitment and the things people shouldn't do while presenting themselves to a recruitment agency or a potential employer.
The cool thing is that the site offers the chance to send your email in a video format and maybe have the chance to be on the Homepage of Monster during one week.

They developped several videos, extremely hilarious putting in scene people doing weird things during their professional meeting.
Check the site Anti Boulette and if you don't have a job yet ;) send your video CV !

September 05, 2007

Shake your city

To promote its new option"Shake", Sony Ericsson decided to sponsor two Guys from Sweeden, Bastian & Lenny, that created the movement: Shake your city.The new SE option is simple: to change a song your listening to on your W580 Mobile, just shake your phone ;)
Check the site and the video; these guys are crazy !

August 29, 2007

Fuel for Life: The new fragrance

The mystery has been revieled, the new fragrance by Diesel is born.
Fuel for Life! Are you alive?
If you check the Diesel website, you'll discover a totally new univers with emotional videos to watch, lots of interactivity and UGC.
The only problem (not a real one) is that the site is too much elaborated with lots of content and infos.
I don't know if it's done intentionally by Diesel to make people stay more on the site and discover all its headings.
Funny and interactive games are integrated to the site where you can send your video saying: 'I'm Alive' and this video will be broadcasted on a giant screen.
Another game let you discover your perfect match & in a last one you can submit your drawing sharing your secret fantasies.
Anyway, the site is perfectly designed and the videos are well produced.
Hope the perfume will do its job !

August 17, 2007

Happiness Factory by Coca Cola

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam launched Happiness Factory - The Movie in Second Life. It's a short animated movie of almost 4 minutes that talks about the Happiness Factory that run out of Coke. I liked the animations and the story behind it, but what really caught me was the true effort that the directors put in order to provide to the public a real animated movie. It's true that they want to sell Coca Cola, but I'm sure their creativity and imagination goes above those financial issues.
Bravo to all the team!
You can view the movie here: Happinness Factory

Thanks Shannon for the tip !

August 16, 2007

Sprint: Waitless

This is fun!
To promote a new unlimited calling feature, Sprint has launched Waitless to give you an idea of how time passes in your life. The time calculator is so much fun since you can put anything you want to calculate the wasted time, so let your imagination guide you !

There's also a You Tube channel on which you can upload your Sprint waitless cuts and help people Wait Less ! It's hillarious yet logical.

The Undetectables by Gillette

Gillette launched in UK an integrated marketing campaign for the new Gillette Fusion Power Stealth range. Online, they have created a "spy game" called The Undetectables where users are challenged to recover the Stealth razor that has been recently stolen. This was the article I recieved.
What I don't understand is: Where is the "Integrated marketing Campaign" in this campaign ???The game is silly and shallow...we've seen zillions of advergames like that; and I think that a big budget was allocated to develop such a game with the blondy girl ... for nothing!
Get the best score and win ... woooooo ...
Send to a friend...
Which razor do you use???
As you might notice, I'm a bit pissed, 'cause what I hate is these advertisers that have lots of millions to waste by mlaunching such nonesense games that they call: Integrated marketing campaigns" or...viral games that will attract millions of visitors.
Well, I don't think so, and if they announce hundreds of thousands of visitors, trust's bullsh*t. Peace ;)

August 13, 2007

The Twingo Lab

Twingo in Belgium is seraching for its new test driver.
The weirdo Professor will test you in order to choose the best candidate to test the new Twingo..and win it !
So, register and complete the pretest on Twingo Lab...who knows, you could be the lucky winner in september!
You can also make fun of your friends; I wont say more...just check what I did with my Boss :)

July 25, 2007

Facebook: The one & Only

Just a small note about Facebook.
It's true I've been only exploring this platform from about a year, but I have to tell you one thing:
if there's a global vote about one platform to stay on the web, it'll be this one.
Facebook gathers everything and anything and all you can imagine in this virtual world called the Web.
From old friends to find, and the ones you forgot about, concerts next to your place and favorite artists rendez-vous; homemade videos, people to bite and others to hug, gifts to give and a perfect msuic challenge on iLike! What do you need more than that, especially that your page is similar to a blog.
Ahhh, I forgot about the invitations and the events ... that's a great tool to fill an entire mall for your birthday :)
And the free mp3's !!!
I'm sure I forgot to mention so many things about Facebook, but, try it guys if you didn't Yet :)

A small wish: please advertisers, don't spoil it with ugly ads, gifs and stuff... Try to be more creative ...
and a smallmessage to Facebook webmasters: Don't spoil your site with many ads and especially ugly ones ;)

July 20, 2007

Talk until you drop

The "Quatsch-Dich-leer" contest (gab-yourself-empty contest) is a competition of continuous talking launched by the Webguerillas and was developed for T-Mobiles promotion of the new Handyflatrate "Max Friends" and the new Samsung.
Teams of two should talk non stop- day and night, until they cant say another word. Who ever takes a break of more than 10 secs. gets striked out. The team that stands until the end, wins 10.000 euros.

And maybe they'll have the chance to get into the Guinness book of World Records. Crazy story ?!?
Hope you understand German :)
Thanks David Eicher for the info.

July 17, 2007

Diesel Dating

The new Diesel campaign is about human dating, through Denim dating!

Diesel launched this new campaign to promote the new fall / winter collection.
The campaign concept is all about dating. Each denim model has his/her own criteria; you should look for your ideal partner through the models and once you have a crush on one of them, email her/him... who knows, maybe you'll get an answer...
What a better way to scan all the Diesel collection ?!?
I found my muse :) and if she'll answer my mail, I promise I'll wear Diesel jeans until my dying day ;)

Thanks Martina for the info.

July 12, 2007

Buy Blog Comments

One of the latest, silliest, most shitful innovations in the pre-hestoric jungle called, Online innovations and services.Who the hell got this stupid, out of content idea to sell ???
Aziz from Mashable tracked this site:
It's simple, easy and tasteless :)
For 100 $ you can buy 1 000 PROFESSIONAL comments for your site / blog ...
and they offer different packages for more Bought comments.
Well, Mr.Jon Wallas (that speaks english :) , blog & site ranking ain't related to your silly idea called Buy Blog Comments.
The number of comments ain't the issue, the essence of having numerous comments is where these comments come from !
Enjoy stealing poor / uninitiated customers.

Dorm room beat box by Ikea

For the back to college periode, Ikea launched this new video with college students doing a crazy beat box.

The video is simple and funny, the website is well designed and informative.
And, as you'll see, all the needed info for designing your dorm room are provided.

Have fun while choosing your Ikea stuff !

July 04, 2007

The little deviant by Toyota

Here's a trashy yet creative advergame developped for Toyota Scion.
The graphics are amazing and the stroy is perfect for an Horror movie.
Play, kill, wander in forbidden cities and earn the green blood of the sheeples!
You can also construct your Toyota car with graphics and tags provided by the platform!
Thanks Toyota for this moment of pleasure in a busy, horroble day ;)

Video clip of Le Troisième Bras

As I promised, here's the clip of "Le Troisième Bras".
The Ad campaign was great and the shift between the Classical Ad and this clip is delirious!

Check the site for more info about the campaign and check this parody of the concept.

June 28, 2007

Human joystick

This is THE Big idea!
A perfect interaction between the crowd, your target dear Advertisers, and the brand!
As you'll see in this movie, interacting with people can be done anywhere, by all means, and especially, in a creative yet funny manner.
Those people, present in this theatre, had the chance to wait for their movie while playing all together and becoming joysticks, human joysticks. launched this game earlier this month and you can find it on Newsbreaker.
Hopefully, crowd gaming in theatres will become a trend!

June 26, 2007

Adidas: Creative flash banner

This is what I call "creativity" !
Check the demo here.

June 22, 2007

Les troisièmes bras: Unlimited SMS

Here's a nice campaign to boost the subscriptions to unlimited SMS by NRJ Mobile.
The concept is so simple: A third hand to send SMSs while you are using your other (normal 2 hands) for doing daily and usual things like:
- Kissing and flirting, playing on your Wii or PSP ...
Check the clip and the site here!
Well done buzzman

June 04, 2007

Let the game continue with AXE

A very sexy movie by Axe.
Yes guys, it's a movie by Axe, with our friend Enrique Bishop that was the star of Dad I'm DARE for Wilkinson.

I like the sequals and the sexy cast but the ministe's existance ain't that crucial. It would have been a huge success if the videos were spread on the net in a teasing way order to let the game continue !

That's just my personal opinion !

May 25, 2007

FHM: copies the Diesel Heidies

Everyone knows “For Him Magazine” for its sumptuous models and its "glamour" communication.
Here's one trashy website talking about 2 hostages: its chief copywriter, Lomig Guillo and one of its models, Virginia Gervais.
Serialbuzzer is at the origine of this idea...
I don't think so... actually, Diesel had the same idea several months ago with the Heidies??!!
The only difference is that the FHM website/story lacks creativity and a teasing effect
and guys, the video is quite awfull !
Sorry for being that negative but I hate it when people copy ideas and transform them into a degrading concept. Sometimes we can get inspired by others' ideas, but we should make sure that we don't spoil them ;)
Right Martina ???

May 24, 2007

Bring the Love back

After watching this teaser for , i have nothing to add; the video says it all!

May 21, 2007

ELAVE: something out of nothing

This is an example of how to make something out of nothing.
Elave, a skin and body care prodcut of which i have never heard launched this Nudist website, with an almost sexy girl, blonde of course with heavy boobs.

The main issue of the site is presenting the products but I seriously think that people (men, and lesbians) will enjoy clicking on the sexy girl to see her reactions.
and, this will generate lots of clicks and especially lots of time spent on the page! Check the video too, it's soo informative ;) and WE have nothing to HIDE !
Good work girls !

May 02, 2007

Measuring Word of Mouth

This is short article I recieved last weeks; it talks about measuring Word of Mouth !?!
I will let you read it & comment it before I add my comments about it in order not to influence you :)

Here we go:

How can I measure word of mouth?
Andrew Green

At its simplest, Word Of Mouth (WOM) provides an amplifier for marketing messages. If somebody talks about an advertisement they have
seen to another person who has not, message reach has effectively been doubled.
If a newspaper, magazine or TV station runs an item mentioning a product or advertisement this, too, is a form of message amplification,
on a larger scale.
But WOM can also add credibility to a message – a friend or family member talking about a brand or product, or an independent
commentator writing about it, tend to be believed more readily than commercial advertisers talking up their own brands.
As many as 90% of people cite WOM as their preferred source of product information and would be happy to try a brand recommended to
them by a friend.
For these reasons, every marketer wants to generate as much WOM as possible, especially as it is usually free. But unfortunately for them,
generating WOM is not quite as straightforward as buying a page in a magazine or a spot in a television programme.

It is possible to measure WOM, up to a point. Mass-media editorial coverage can be tracked and measured just like an advertising
campaign, using industry readership or viewing research. Distinction can also be made between positive, negative and neutral coverage.
One writer has come up with the idea of 'MIRPs' or Media Impressions Beyond Ratings to describe the combined effect of advertising
ratings purchased and audience s to any news items generated as a result of the campaign.
The arrival of the internet has provided further opportunities to quantify consumer buzz. Blogs, threaded message boards and other User
Generated Media (UGM) can be tracked in detail using standard internet measurement techniques. As with mass-media coverage, analysis
can also be carried out into the extent to which the chatter is positive or negative.
Sites that offer customers the opportunity to rate or review brands can provide useful feedback to marketers on what people are saying
about them. A good review score on a popular site may create waves for a brand, although the opposite can also happen.
A recent US survey of 137 retailers conducted by Forrester found that 96% of retailers who offered customers the ability to rate and
review them via their own websites felt it had been an effective tactic for driving on-line conversion rates.
With big ticket items such as white goods, cars, computers and so on, more and more potential consumers are turning to these product
review sites to see what other people are saying about the various brands on offer.
Sites like Amazon have taken this idea a step further. Customers who buy a particular book, for example, are told about the purchasing
habits of other buyers of the book.

Much of the focus on WOM measurement in recent years has been on the subject of consumer advocacy. Fred Reichheld argued in his (2003*) 2006
book The Ultimate Question that the answers to a single question could predict whether a brand would grow or not. The question – “How
likely is it that you would recommend (brand X) to a friend or colleague” – is answered on a scale of 0–10. Those who score a brand highly
(9–10) are called Promoters. Those who score low (0–1) are Detractors; the remainder are Passives.
By subtracting the Detractors from the Promoters, Reichheld came up with a number he dubbed the Net Promoter Sco re. He then went on
to link US companies scoring highly on this measure with better long-term profitability than those who didn't.
His findings were backed up in research by the London Business School4 in early 2005. This study confirmed that WOM recommendation
was linked to brand performance–the higher the proportion of customers likely to recommend a brand, the higher the sales growth.

March 2007
But some commentators have criticised the extreme simplicity of the measure. Others have argued that the Net Promoter Score is not
much better than other loyalty metrics at predicting company profitability.

Negative WOM can be more important than straightforward advocacy as measured by the Net Promoter Score. As one writer put it: 'a
negative experience decreases loyalty to a greater extent than a positive experience increases loyalty'.
People who have a negative experience may themselves stop using a brand, as well as saying unflattering things about it to others,
whereas people whose expectations are exceeded are already brand users and can only influence new prospects.
One study found that satisfied people were likely to tell five people about their experience while dissatisfied customers told as many as
eleven others.

In this sense, negative WOM measurement tends to do a better job of measuring both customer loyalty and advocacy and, in turn, linking
this to market share and other financial performance data.

April 26, 2007

Wake up ! Help the sida orphans

This is one shocking Print Ad, to demonstrate the cruel reality of the sida orphans all over the world...the third world.
Publicis launched this campaign to remember the morbid reality of these people & aid them, somehow, somewhere, sometime, to overcome in way their shitful existence!
The first print says: There are children that don't have to arrange their room.
The second print says: There are children that can nibble all day long.

April 25, 2007

Get some nuts with Mr.T

Souvenirs souvenirs ... Mr.T is back, and he still looks the same.
It's amazing how some people don't change. A video with Mr.T endorsing Snickers, the nuts chocolate bar, and a TV website with interactive material. We'll have to wait until the 7th of May to see what it's all about!
The video is not very special but it was good to see Mr.T at his peak !
Check the site here.

April 19, 2007

BMW: Lisbon - Berlin

BMW launched an advergame: PACE - Pursuit Across Europe. It is very interactive, similar to a road movie with several european palces and cities to visit, while driving a BMW.It is well designed and animated, the graphics are amazing, but the streaming is very slow banded while shifting from one heading to another.
Enjoy the game and ... buy a BMW :)

April 04, 2007

Sony Ericsson: Tennis by night

Shut the lights, and get ready to play tennis at night with Sony Ericsson. It's a cool party concept that was launched in Spain last year and now it's in Miami.It's called Tennis by night where the Tennis court is transformed into a dicso or teh other way around. The atmosphere is great and the Dj Paul Oakenfold rules! Evereything is in Ultra Violet from the court to the tennis shoes. A perfect combination to reach a cool / young target.
Check the site, it's great!

La Tribune

The French business newspaper La Tribune launched a new service where people can receive all the business news Live & even download them in a PDF format.
To communicate about this new service they developed a funny video that you can check here:

March 29, 2007

Get A Third Life with Kit Kat

The new video by Kit Kat from the Netherlands (I think)
Have a break, Have a Kit Kat !

March 27, 2007

Discover the Michelin Man

Discover the world of Michelin.
One of the best inetractive sites, with several options and animations that show the real innovations in the Michelin universe.The pages encourages in depth exploration of the site and Michelin offers a better way forward with this new interactive and educational infosite for the road of tomorrow.
It's in Flash and 3D animation and the agency behind the project is Campbell-Ewald.

March 26, 2007

Club-Internet: Web Integration

Very nice web animation on Club Internet homepage ! Watch it until the end ! Merci Gisèle !

The farting Squirrel

I was searching during the weekend for some funny fartign videos (yes, I have some weired tendencies), and I landed on this funny new video by Air Action Vigorsol.
Air Vigorsol is a Freshness pill like Polo or Menthos; and to make people talk about it, look what they did:

There's no dedicated website or advergame, but I think the viral video will make it on its own!

March 20, 2007

Eddy G: Lessons of Love

You might have a problem not getting the boy/girlfriend you would like to have. You might have a problem not having an active love life. You might have a problem not getting the attention from the different sex you deserve.
When it comes to love, every problem is worth taking seriously.
Eddy G. is a voodoo priest or Houngen as we call it. He was born in Haiti but moved to New Orleans as a young boy. His father taught him everything that there is to know about Voodoo.
Let him take care of your ruined or non-existing love life!

Here's one of his videos
Thanks Damien for the Tip!

March 19, 2007

Leroy Merlin: Tout renover

Here's a very nice interactive site for renovation lovers & home furniture restorers.
Leroy Merlin, a french mass supplier of home furniture equipments & ready-to-use tools for homemade renovations. You'll discover the know-how, the prices & the interactive professionals that'll explain the perfect steps for restoring your appartement and avoid being swindeled by so-called professional agencies.
Take a look, it's worth it.
Thanks Sybille for the tip !

March 16, 2007

Ray Ban: Never Hide

Ray Ban, or the funkiest sunglasses in the world launched its new campaign: Never Hide
Be bold, Be you is the claim! and to participate in the game and have the chance of seeing your photo On Time Square, all you have to do is send a photo of you, of course, wearing a Ray Ban.
Cool idea & a nice international effort to push user generated content to the limit.

Delarue: The fine to pay

Remember gals I posted a video last week of Delarue, the french TV presnetor have a delirious obscene scene in airplane. Of course the video was fake and it was just a teasing video for Choc magazine.
Well, I knew today that Delarue decided to attack the magazine in justice and asks for a fine of: 100.000 €.
WoW!!! that's enormous but, as you know such magazines are used to be attacked in justice once a month at least :)
The video was great, we enjoyed spreading it on the web & the feedback was perfect!
What I don't understand is that Mistre Delarue could have done something wise for once in his life to change his image, and play the game by accepting the joke.
I know it has to do with money but...what the heck!
Check the articles of the Fines Here and Here

March 14, 2007

Nokia L'Amour

Nokia L'Amour is an extended brand concept seen by the Polish guys !
7 Polish artists were chosen by Nokia to expose their art by following the "L'Amour" concept.
The site, music and visuals will take you deep in the univers of emotions and desire.
You can also add your personal thoughts and quotes about several subjects related to Love such as Desire, Joy . . .
It reminds me of the Bubble campaign by Diesel!

March 13, 2007

Cleaning Day

A very nice video for the "Cleaning day" on the 23rd of March !
And it's share it !

Kodak Vs. Xerox

Kodak Vs. Xerox or the shallowest "so called" viral campaigns.
These two brands launched a "so called" viral videos/concepts; what I don't understand after surfing their respective sites is the humour in them.
It's either me who's being so negative or these brands decided to kill the essence of viral marketing by bullshiting people with their shallow sense of innovation and creativity.
I'll let you decide by yourselves:
Kodak: Ink is it
Xerox: Extreme offices
PS: they don't deserve a pic on my blog :)

March 12, 2007

Mercedes countdown

For the launching of the new Mercedes class C, Wysiwig, a web agency in Spain decided to offer something unusual fornet surfers.Each visitor will have one minute to check the pictures available on the site.
After one minute, the site ain't functional no more and you'll have to revisit it to check more pics.
I like the concept, but I would have offered something new for the second visit !
PS: Nice way to (minimum) double the visits rate to a website :)

March 06, 2007

Delarue in action

Some of you have heard about the french Tv presenter Jean Luc Delarue, who, after taking some Stylnox pills & drinking some booz, attacked the hostesses and the first class travellers!
Well this is the unedited video :)
Nooo, I'm joking, this is the stroy revisited by Buzzman for the magazine CHOC !

Bienvenue chez la famille Barclays

Barclays Bank decided to go Online with a brilliant concept, funny & interactive at the same time: The Barclays Family
Once on the site, you'll discover the Barclays Family, and the Father who invites you to earn his heritage by wisely using the money he'll give you. 4 avatars are here to answer your preferences. The website is superbly designed and the videos are hillarious.
Check it out and have the chance to earn 10 000 € ! and more :)
This is one of the videos that I received:

Uploaded by jeannasr

The mistery Finger

Dear bloggers & readers,
I received this weird pack with a cut finger inside???!!!
I don't understand the message behind or the teaser !
Maybe it's a voodoo thing or a teaser from someone or something :)
The link to the blog: lesmordus says that on the 6th of march we'll witness the most violent movie of the year.
We'll see! Until then, take care !

February 28, 2007

Bleeker & the hallucination effect

Since January, the future headquarter of Bleeker, draws the attention and the curiosity of the pedestrians on the Avenue Georges V next to the Champs Elysées, Paris-France.

Well done Bleeker.

February 26, 2007

Medaiedge:cia: Best U.S media agency of the year

For all that was accomplished last year, Mediaedge:cia is Adweek's 2006 Global Media Agency of the Year.
In a November 2006 report on media agencies, RECMA said that MEC was "the only true global network" to improve its competitiveness over the last three years, "and taking a clear leadership position in 2006."
I am proud to work at Mediaedge:cia ;)

February 24, 2007

Urban Spam Graffiti

Look where the technology took us.
Urban spammers are a new graffiti group that can, while using advanced laser technology, tag any building from about 100 meters.
The concept is simple: park your van in an urban street or square, direct your laser on a building, and draw graffities as if you did it on a simple metro wall. But please, advertising people and marketers, do not us this!!! It ain't that urgent!
Here's a video that explains the concept.

February 22, 2007

Mini Cooper Episodes

This is becoming sick!
Brands are investing huge amounts of money to copy each other and launch episodes on the web.After Suzuki, Mini Cooper launched its new site with several episodes and a YouTube broadcasting and stuff that never end to create the wanted Perfect Mix.
Hammer & Coop, a webisodes by Mini Cooper with different characters:
The hunk, the boobsy girl and the evil guy!
Please, give us a break and do things that interact with people, give them something different and funny! Try to be a bit more creative than what it has been done and over done by others.
It's not against Mini Cooper, trust me, it's just because of the huge amont of these webisdodes that are being produced with no strategic issue.

February 20, 2007

D.A.R.E Wilkinson 2007

The D.A.R.E 2007 campaign
Following the success of the 2006 campaign and the high number of sympathizers, The D.A.R.E (The Right for Eccentric Shavings) was transformed into a political party; and to follow the topicalities of the year 2007, the D.A.R.E presents to the public its own candidates for the post of president in 2007.
You’ll have the choice between 3 parties:
The Sexy D.A.R.E, The Classic D.A.R.E & the Free D.A.R.E (my favourite)The 3 D.AR.E candidates were invited to the “Hénaut Président” show on Paris Première & advised Michel Muller to join their movement.
You can check the video on
That’s the fruit of a successful Web concept !
So please, be D.A.R.E and vote for your preferred candidate on
The concept was thought by Mediaedge:cia (Labviral) in partnership with Milk, Buzzman, Streampower and JWT…

Les yeux plus gros que l'Amérique

Voici mon coup de coeur du mois:
Les Yeux Plus Gros Que L'Amérique, c'est l'histoire de Loïs, vingt ans qui, d'une part, enchaîne des missions d'intérim plus sordides les unes que les autres pour pouvoir manger et, d'autre part, enchaîne les castings pour devenir une star de cinéma. Dès le début du roman, il fait la rencontre de Jinsong, vieux tenancier d'un petit resto chinois bien glauque comme nous en connaissons tous un dans notre quartier. Cette rencontre entre le vieillard et le jeune homme sera le point de départ d'aventures assez fantastiques qui entraîneront le lecteur dans l'univers des triades, organisations mafieuses asiatiques. Si l'amour et l'amitié sont aussi au menu, l'intérêt de ce roman qualifié de « total » par sa quatrième de couverture réside surtout dans son histoire traitée avec une surprenante maestria... et un humour à vous arracher le dentier. Il réside aussi dans le style très particulier de son auteur, Bertrand Latour, qui avait déjà publié en 2004 chez Denoel un recueil de nouvelles fort remarqué, Comme Un Beau Grand Slow Collé. Bref, si l'on voulait résumer Les Yeux Plus Gros Que L'Amérique en quelques mots, ce serait ces trois-là : lyrisme, rigolade et Tarrentino. Accrochez-vous !
Bertrand Latour
Vu dans: Elle

February 15, 2007

Eurostar Cheese game

The cheese game by Eurostar, a funny Advergame where you have to make the royal guard laugh!
The Royal Guard Cheese Game.
You can use several tools to make them laugh: jokes, a feather ...
It's like the Master Mind game where you have to pick the right tools in order to make the perfect combination.
You can also win a trip for 2 to London.
You can go also, on YouTube to see what happens when the Guard laughs !

February 13, 2007

Axe Vice

No...It's not Miami Vice, it's Axe Vice, the new advergame by Axe. It's a quest game where you have to find 5 Axe girls on
I don't know why they choose Skyblog, which mainly targets kids (9-19) years old.
First you have to subscribe to play the game AxeVice
and then you have to subscribe to Skyrock / Skyblog to find the girls.
I think it's really a mess to do all these steps to play an advergame.
If Skyblog wants to boost its subsribers number, it is not the way to do it, knowing that more than half of Skyblog's subscribers are inactiev or fake.
Anyway, I give a 0 to Axe for risking such a partnership with Skyblog.

The Vlogs Awards

TF1, the N°1 french TV station will organize on the 13th of March the first Vlogs Awards at the Showcase Club.
Media people & bloggers were invited to take part of this Première.

You can add your video Here, and invite your friends to vote !
Goodluck & I'll keep you posted about the Fiesta on the 14th (maybe the 15th if the fiesta is nicely served :)