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February 28, 2007

Bleeker & the hallucination effect

Since January, the future headquarter of Bleeker, draws the attention and the curiosity of the pedestrians on the Avenue Georges V next to the Champs Elysées, Paris-France.

Well done Bleeker.

February 26, 2007

Medaiedge:cia: Best U.S media agency of the year

For all that was accomplished last year, Mediaedge:cia is Adweek's 2006 Global Media Agency of the Year.
In a November 2006 report on media agencies, RECMA said that MEC was "the only true global network" to improve its competitiveness over the last three years, "and taking a clear leadership position in 2006."
I am proud to work at Mediaedge:cia ;)

February 24, 2007

Urban Spam Graffiti

Look where the technology took us.
Urban spammers are a new graffiti group that can, while using advanced laser technology, tag any building from about 100 meters.
The concept is simple: park your van in an urban street or square, direct your laser on a building, and draw graffities as if you did it on a simple metro wall. But please, advertising people and marketers, do not us this!!! It ain't that urgent!
Here's a video that explains the concept.

February 22, 2007

Mini Cooper Episodes

This is becoming sick!
Brands are investing huge amounts of money to copy each other and launch episodes on the web.After Suzuki, Mini Cooper launched its new site with several episodes and a YouTube broadcasting and stuff that never end to create the wanted Perfect Mix.
Hammer & Coop, a webisodes by Mini Cooper with different characters:
The hunk, the boobsy girl and the evil guy!
Please, give us a break and do things that interact with people, give them something different and funny! Try to be a bit more creative than what it has been done and over done by others.
It's not against Mini Cooper, trust me, it's just because of the huge amont of these webisdodes that are being produced with no strategic issue.

February 20, 2007

D.A.R.E Wilkinson 2007

The D.A.R.E 2007 campaign
Following the success of the 2006 campaign and the high number of sympathizers, The D.A.R.E (The Right for Eccentric Shavings) was transformed into a political party; and to follow the topicalities of the year 2007, the D.A.R.E presents to the public its own candidates for the post of president in 2007.
You’ll have the choice between 3 parties:
The Sexy D.A.R.E, The Classic D.A.R.E & the Free D.A.R.E (my favourite)The 3 D.AR.E candidates were invited to the “Hénaut Président” show on Paris Première & advised Michel Muller to join their movement.
You can check the video on
That’s the fruit of a successful Web concept !
So please, be D.A.R.E and vote for your preferred candidate on
The concept was thought by Mediaedge:cia (Labviral) in partnership with Milk, Buzzman, Streampower and JWT…

Les yeux plus gros que l'Amérique

Voici mon coup de coeur du mois:
Les Yeux Plus Gros Que L'Amérique, c'est l'histoire de Loïs, vingt ans qui, d'une part, enchaîne des missions d'intérim plus sordides les unes que les autres pour pouvoir manger et, d'autre part, enchaîne les castings pour devenir une star de cinéma. Dès le début du roman, il fait la rencontre de Jinsong, vieux tenancier d'un petit resto chinois bien glauque comme nous en connaissons tous un dans notre quartier. Cette rencontre entre le vieillard et le jeune homme sera le point de départ d'aventures assez fantastiques qui entraîneront le lecteur dans l'univers des triades, organisations mafieuses asiatiques. Si l'amour et l'amitié sont aussi au menu, l'intérêt de ce roman qualifié de « total » par sa quatrième de couverture réside surtout dans son histoire traitée avec une surprenante maestria... et un humour à vous arracher le dentier. Il réside aussi dans le style très particulier de son auteur, Bertrand Latour, qui avait déjà publié en 2004 chez Denoel un recueil de nouvelles fort remarqué, Comme Un Beau Grand Slow Collé. Bref, si l'on voulait résumer Les Yeux Plus Gros Que L'Amérique en quelques mots, ce serait ces trois-là : lyrisme, rigolade et Tarrentino. Accrochez-vous !
Bertrand Latour
Vu dans: Elle

February 15, 2007

Eurostar Cheese game

The cheese game by Eurostar, a funny Advergame where you have to make the royal guard laugh!
The Royal Guard Cheese Game.
You can use several tools to make them laugh: jokes, a feather ...
It's like the Master Mind game where you have to pick the right tools in order to make the perfect combination.
You can also win a trip for 2 to London.
You can go also, on YouTube to see what happens when the Guard laughs !

February 13, 2007

Axe Vice

No...It's not Miami Vice, it's Axe Vice, the new advergame by Axe. It's a quest game where you have to find 5 Axe girls on
I don't know why they choose Skyblog, which mainly targets kids (9-19) years old.
First you have to subscribe to play the game AxeVice
and then you have to subscribe to Skyrock / Skyblog to find the girls.
I think it's really a mess to do all these steps to play an advergame.
If Skyblog wants to boost its subsribers number, it is not the way to do it, knowing that more than half of Skyblog's subscribers are inactiev or fake.
Anyway, I give a 0 to Axe for risking such a partnership with Skyblog.

The Vlogs Awards

TF1, the N°1 french TV station will organize on the 13th of March the first Vlogs Awards at the Showcase Club.
Media people & bloggers were invited to take part of this Première.

You can add your video Here, and invite your friends to vote !
Goodluck & I'll keep you posted about the Fiesta on the 14th (maybe the 15th if the fiesta is nicely served :)

Suzuki Films : Webisodes

This is a brilliant effort from Suzuki to push audience to move from TV to the Net.
A series of episodes that highlight new Syzuki cars, with a teasing scenario and all the tools that make a series succesfull.
"The briefcase", this is the title of the series and it reminds me of "The Hire" series by BMW.

February 07, 2007

Web revolution

A reality show on the web...a real one, no fakeness, no bullshit, no boosted votes!This time, SNS Live, a bank that does mortgage consultancy via a webcam, decided to go beyond TV shows and start doing Web Shows. The concept was created by Qi.
The show is similar to Big Brother where 10 contestants have to stay 24/7 in front of their webcam during one week Drink, Sleep, Eat, talk on the phone...
Every day they have an assignment broadcasted via a popular radio station.
They have to gain votes of the visitors of the site; so they write to blogs, call tv-stations ... to make themselves famous.
By the end of the week only one person stays and wins a year of free housing !
via Adverblog

February 06, 2007

Bikini's College

The first interactive guide for international flirting !

Well mates, I think this is the sexiest idea of the year 2007.
The year just started, it's true, but I think that this concept "Bikini's College" will buzz up the year Big Time.
I discovered the guys on YouTube and I hope bloggers will spred the news 'cause these guys deserve recoginition and would love to see one day their movies compilation in theatres :)
Have a nice Bikini time !

Super Bowl Ads

It's amazing how many Ads passed this year during the final super bowl game.
53 Ads were aired and each 30 seconds Ad costs 2,6 million $.
For 30 seconds of Fame, 2,6 million $ ain't that much ;)

I invite you to check the Ads that were aired this night.
Some of them are extremly amazing and worth buying air time for 2,6 million to be seen by the 90 000 000 americans and 60 000 000 foreigners.
My favorite: Chevrolet
You can check all of them Here.
Via AdCrtic

February 02, 2007

Stars on Fire

A new program on MTV.
Yep, it's french and the video is amazing.
The advergame ain't that creative but, it's always fun to chase paprazzis & and shoot them!
But really cuaght me is the video :)
Thanks Buzzman for the tip !