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November 30, 2006

On vacation : J.O de la Pub

Sorry mates for the short break I'm taking.
I will be HERE for 6 days ;)

All the updates will be provided on the 6th of december.

Cheers !

November 29, 2006

Bunny Invasion

Ubisoft's latest viral campaign for Rayman IV, microsite is not yet branded but by the looks of it... I think it would be the a newer version of the game Raving Rabbids with the Nintendo Wii Console that will be launched on the 8th of december.

November 28, 2006

The Penis genius - Durex

Durex launched its newest website to promote the usage of Durex condoms.
What is nice about it is the coach, A Woman coaching guys how, when & why use condoms.
No wonder she's a penis genius.
The 70's music remind some of us of the classical X rated movies :)
The movies in the "Bang It" section are well biased; I don't think they are done by real amateurs but what i really enjoyed was the section where you can generate a name for your Penis.
Quite funny!

Check it mate! it's awesome.

Le Conso-Blogueur

Le Conso-blogueur ou comment les blogs secouent la vie des marques.

Une conférence sur les blogs à La Plaza Athénée suivie d'un mini mag qui résume la conférence.
C'est le nouveau magazine de mediaedge:cia : Les carnets de l'Influence.

Ce carnet sera publier 6 fois par an, développant à chaque fois une thématique différente sur l'univers de la pub et les médias.
Et c'est gratuit !

Si vous voulez le recevoir, vous n'avez qu'à m'envoyer un petit mail avec vos coordonnées.

Bonne lecture!

November 23, 2006

Fly for fortune with KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched an advergame called Fly for Fortune in which players fly to catch certain objects and avoid others. Those who are successful, are eligible to win tickets to anywhere in the world. There's a great movie trailer-style video that promotes the game and features a Cars-style talking airplane.
The advergame is available in 10 languages and players from 58 countries can enter the contest! Check it out!

Hotel Campari : Alcohol teasers !

Very Classy ! Red, sensual music, a sexy lady, a luxurious hotel!
All the components that stick to alcohol !
Well done Campari and I'm eager to see the revelation of the teaser!
You can check some photos of the sexy girl on Frappr'
and a video on YOUTUBE
That's what I call an integrated Online campaign!
Well done!

Mascara that runs when it rains ?!?

Here's a great outdoor campaign!
This billborad has sensors, and when it rains the mascara runs, as if it was for real !
I don't know what happens later, when it stops raining, but what the hack; the idea of Leo Burnett by itself is so creative!

November 21, 2006

Fiat cars - Interactive campaign in Theatres

Fiat, the cars manufacturer, launched its new interactive campaign in theatres, developed by Brazil's Agencia Click. The concept follows the "choose you own adventure" way and provides 16 different endings depending on the choices of the audience.
During the adverts the audience is given 4 different questions to answer and which they need to text to a given number.
The final version of the movie is compiled from the clips that gather the most votes.
The site is in Portugees, hope you'll understand !
Via Adverblog

Feel the difference by FORD

The new Ad to promote Ford's services and cars spare parts.
Funny for a cars services Ad.

November 20, 2006

Domestic Abuse - FNSF

For the international day (25/11/2006) fighting "Domestic Abuse", Y&R Paris and Burson-Marsteller Paris will launch this new video on TV today.
Note that all the parties involved in this action worked freely & for no Peny to make a success out of this camapign !

Solidarité Femmes Enfants
envoyé par FNSF

And here's a small word from the organization supporting women facing such problems:
« Un homme qui maltraite sa femme, apprend la violence à ses enfants »
tel est le nouveau slogan de la campagne télévisuelle,
de lutte contre les violences conjugales
de La Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes, à l’antenne à partir du 20 novembre 2006.

Le 25 novembre 2006 se déroulera en France pour la 6ème année consécutive, la Journée internationale de lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes.

Pour cette campagne, la Fédération a choisi un parti-pris inédit et trop peu exploité : l’impact des violences conjugales chez les enfants.La volonté de la FNSF est d’interpeller les hommes violents qui sont souvent des pères de famille, afin de leur faire comprendre que toute forme de violence dans la cellule familiale a aussi des conséquences dramatiques sur leurs propres enfants. Ceci s’exprime par un message clair : un homme qui injurie, humilie ou frappe sa femme apprend la violence à ses enfants. Les enfants de ces femmes ne sont pas seulement témoins mais aussi victimes des violences subies par leur mère du fait de leur père.

November 17, 2006

Designing Switzerland

A nice street branding campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland for Accessorize.

November 14, 2006

Online Animation Competition

I recieved this link from Einat Hummel, the creative director of AniBoom, an animation website where you will be able to find some quality material of animated videos.
The concept is nice, since animated videos have been put aside by the era of amateurs videos.
It is a UGC website where developers of animated videos are in competition until the end of Januray 2007.
There's a 25 000 $ to win !
Just watch the films, then rank them!

November 09, 2006

What will Schumi do next ?

A saga of 4 viral movies for Shell, and guess who's the main Actor !!!

Schumi a.k.a Michael Schumacher ! The videos are funny and the concept is great.

and here's the other videos:
Video 1
Video 2

November 08, 2006

CNN Blog Party

On Election Night, Tuesday, November 7th, CNN hosted prominent bloggers from across the country - and across the ideological spectrum - to watch returns, blog alongside one another, and share political insights during its live election coverage. Parts of the event will be streamed live on CNN Pipeline and broadcasted live on CNN's Election Night coverage starting at 7 PM E.T.

Blogging begins at 4 PM and may continue into the early morning hours.

Hope G.W.Bush ain't surfing the net :)

The Boule by Diesel

First of all, i would like to mention that the website is perfectly designed.
Diesel launched this online campaign to promote its new bag called: the Boule.
You have to sacrifice "something" or "someone" in order to win the bag!
Surfing the website will mesmerize you with the celtic/gothic SFX and graphics.
Scarifice & Win :)

Stain Art by Siemens

Siemens Appliances UK has launched a contest for netsurfers a.k.a "artists"; the contest is about creating "dirty" t-shirts. It is called: Stain Art
The best/dirtiest creation wins the new washing machine from Siemens.
The concept ain't that great but you can fool around with all the stains options provided on the site: grass, blood, baby food, chocholate, sweat and more!
This is my piece of Art : I was thinking about G.W.Bush :) after the Midterm elections !

Get dirty & enjoy creating !
via Adverblog

November 06, 2006

Avant première - Borat

Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh alter-ego Borat made me laugh so much yesterday, with his amazing / hillarious movie : BORAT.
The movie ain't that long, but your stmach muscles will explode after teh show.
It was a bit edgy in some scenes, but.. what the hell!!!
"Da Ali G Show," aka. Borat! took in US$26.4 million during its opening weekend in the U.S, according to studio estimates Sunday.

A good laugh, a great show, a whimsical overview on the headlines of today's geopolitical aspects.

I recommend it for all of you who are urging for some laughter !
By the way, thanks to Buzzparadise for the invitation.

November 03, 2006

Blogger Challenge with the Mystery Blogger

Intel Launches Blogger Challenge with Mystery Blogger.
The jury is represented by 6 known bloggers:
- The City Blogger - Jen Chung from The Gothamist
- The Gadget Blogger - Mia Kim from Popgadget
- The Video Blogger - Bre Pettis from Make Magazine
- The Mommy Blogger - Mindy Roberts from The Mommy Blogger
- The Tech Blogger - Paul Stamatiou from Paul Stamatiou
- The Food Blogger - Pim Techamuanvivit from Chezpim

On November the 15th they will unveil the identity of the Mystery Blogger.
Hope Martina from Adverblog will get it :)

November 02, 2006

Pubic Hair shampoo - Short & Curly

This has gone so far guys :)
We have now a shampoo for our pubic hair.
Do you want them to look Short & Curly, well you'll buy the new shampoo "Short & Curly" after seeing this Ad.

November 01, 2006

Company Generated Content

Everybody has been talking from a while about Web 2.0, User Generated Content ... and crap like that.
What i don't understand is several things; all this so-called UGC and at more than 80% on average is Generated by Brands, Online Companies, Media Agencies, sponsored links and videos and podcasts and ... all that you can mention in the sector of Online Advertising.

All these so called Content providers and Content suppliers manage to be in the same conference, the same reunion, the same celebration, the same award ceremony.

It's like a Gansta clan that share and exchange compliments and especially, awards and prizes by thinking that this will boost their market shares, their importance, their Ego.

I agree with George Parker from ADHurl about his latest article, and Adrants on their opinion about the latest frickin' release by JWT.

This is becoming sick. and arrogant.
The essence of blogging lost its taste; we don't know anymore which blogger is being objective, which video is unsponsored, which small banner inserted on a blog is done freely without the creative interference of a brand or an online media agency and which ass (the animal, not the physiological term) will release the latest fake Consumer G C.

Scoop Borat - Attack the Jew

Exclusif, une des scènes coupées du nouveau film totalement déjanté de Ali G : Borat ( Attention, cette satire américaine est tellement non politiquement correcte qu’elle n’est pas faite pour tout le monde! Impossible de ne pas rire devant la succession de scènes plus loufoques et provocantes les unes que les autres. Tout le monde y passe : le Moyen-Orient, les américains, les handicapés,… avec Borat et ce film ovni dans le style reportage de l’ex Union Soviétique. Vous adorerez ou détesterez c’est sûr… jetez juste un œil sur le site aussi déjanté que le film :