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December 24, 2005

Get Santa Drunk

If Santa really drank all the alcohol people leave out,
he would be more like this...
(Use your arrow keys and don't touch the train tracks)

December 22, 2005

Blowfly - A beer with assets

Blowfly is a beer whose marketing is inspired by Open Source (Liam's background includes a period with the Linux consultancy, Red Hat). He explains how they created an open source model to create demand for their beer by word of mouth - a David and Goliath tale of using networking to challenge the brewing duopoly in Australia.

"We're the lunatics from Brewtopia. Backed by one of the best up and coming breweries in the Australia, in 2002 we created a beer built on a concept we called Viral Equity - thousands of people across 20 countries helping us make a brand new beer over the internet. Crazy? Yes. Doomed to fail? Yes. But it didn't.... And for giving us input we gave those folks a chance for stake in the company!"

December 21, 2005

Virals of the year

(Via Adverblog) BrandRepublic has an article on the most downloaded virals of the year. According to BoreMe the controversial suicide bomber viral created without the knowledge of Volkswagen has become the most downloaded viral campaign of the year, with over 2.3m downloads.

This makes me curious to find out which is, in your opinion, the best (funniest/most successful) viral ad of the year. Here I share my favourites, you can vote or leave a comments suggesting (+ linking) your own favourite viral campaign.

What's the best viral of the year?
- Playboy, behind the scenes
- FedEx, even an MBA can do it
- Axe Ravenstock
- Rexona, the stunts


December 20, 2005

FedEx viral: even an MBA can do it

FedEx Express has launched a viral marketing campaign (Relax, we'll manage) across Europe, key Middle East markets and India. FedEx' idea is to target middle and junior management with (five funny videos) which showcase FedEx services in sketches set in everyday business situations. My favourite is the Stupid GUY one.

December 19, 2005

No politically correct advergames for Xmas

"THE" Christmas advergame, not politically correct but definitely funny: the Brat invasion by T-Viral.

Mobile wearable Bag

Wearing a Tsaya frees you from your handbag when you want to stay sleek. The main pocket secures your phone, and another holds your ID, credit card & some cash. Wear a Tsaya concealed - or show it off with a short dress or skirt. This is our premier couture edition.

December 18, 2005

Wanna be a football star?

Electronic Arts has launched a viral campaign to promote its Fifa 2006 videogame. Users have the chance to personalize a 45-seconds film becoming a football striker in their favourite team. As Bloc Media explains on its site the personalised Flash interactive utilises a comprehensive database containing every team from every country and league in FIFA.

This is my performance has striker for my hometown team Triestina. Of course at the end of the path you have a tell-a-friend call to action.
(via Adverblog)

Advergame by Teramed

Help Joe brushing his teeth
Robby from Nascom sent me an email to share the advergame they have created for Theramed. The idea is to help Joe brushing his teeth during 7 days. Why 7 days? The product claims that it only takes seven days to make your teeth whiter...

December 17, 2005

The Elf Zapper

WebTrends has launched a Christmas advergame . The Elf Zapper is an extremely addictive game, you shouldn't start playing at work... since you will "waste" too much time and, you know, in Q4 this cannot happen :-)

December 04, 2005

The machine that drives you "CRAZY"

Concentrate on the center of the is crazy...PG 16 :)

November 29, 2005

Honda Brand Image

On TV there is still room for brand advertising. The Impossible Dream, a great ad created by Wieden + Kennedy for Honda, clearly shows there is still life after the 30" spot.


November 28, 2005

Tom Tom Raid we go...the tomtomraid is launched with two teams:
no food, no money, no credit cards...just a tom tom Go 700 and a smart car to travel through France.
Support your teams on and have the chance to witness the first of a kind internet live road movie. Enjoy!

November 23, 2005

Musical Artist Identification Game

Virgin has launched a game on Heavy called exercise your muscle which calls for players to, as they name indicates, exercise their brain and music muscles to identify the 74 bands represented in an image on the game's page. There's a magnifying glass that can be rolled over the images for greater detail. Game prizes include an Alienware computer and one free year of music from VirginDigital, MP3 players with one year subscriptions to VirginDigital and one year subscriptions to Paste Magazine. Only true music aficionados need play. This one is a challenge and will keep you delightfully engaged for hours.

(via) averblog

November 22, 2005

PSP New campaign

A fully interactive campaign with evolving animations.
Play Station launches its new campaign on Homepage
Check's cool.

Pod Design help Tim Burton go viral

Boston/USA based Pod Design has created three viral teaser promotions for the launch of the new animated Tim Burton film THE CORPSE BRIDE, Starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.
Bonymail - lets you draw and write messages to your friends from The Land of The Dead via the bony hand of The Corpse Bride.
Post Mortem - Talk to The Corpse Bride LIVE (well, dead actually) via the amazing mystifying oracle. You can also send Ouija board messages to friends.
And finally there are more surprises here
The film opens in the US on September 23.

Lab:viral double son chiffre d'affaires d'année en année

Trois ans après sa création, la cellule dédiée au marketing viral de l’agence Mediaedge:cia est à l’origine de plusieurs opérations couronnées de succès. Elle reçoit aujourd’hui une demande de campagne par semaine.
Plus d'un an et demi après sa création, personne n'a oublié le "Collectif des Riches contre Euro Millions", le concept "antipub" imaginé par l'agence Youg & Rubicam pour la Française des Jeux. Une campagne plurimédia qui reposait en grande majorité sur le Web, via un site humoristique, et un clip vidéo (lire l'article du 26/02/04). Ainsi est née en France l'une des toutes premières campagnes 100 % virale sur Internet, conçue et réalisée par le Lab:viral. Un coup d'éclat qui aura permis à la petite entité, composée de trois personnes, d'acquérir ses lettres de noblesse sur le secteur du marketing viral. Depuis, le Labviral croule sous les commandes.

Créé il y a deux ans au sein de l'agence média Mediaedge:cia, le Lab:viral est une structure dédiée à la création de campagnes de marketing alternatif, du "buzz marketing" au "street marketing", en passant bien sûr par le marketing viral. Composé de trois personnes - un responsable, un concepteur et un assistant à la diffusion -, le Labviral s'occupe uniquement de la conception et de la réalisation des campagnes.

November 06, 2005

Les riches contre euromillions

Euromillions, the french lottery gathering sevral european countries launches its second viral campaign.
This time, the rich people fight against EUROMILLIONS by creating hillarious tracks...
Check them Out

November 05, 2005

Creative campaigns selection

AXE anti hangover campaign
To promote the new Axe Anti-hangover shower gel a microsite with an online competition was created: You can win a trip to Ibiza if you send in two pictures of you - the first one taken during a "hard" party-night, the second one on the morning after. Visitors of the site can then vote for the favorite pictures. Quite an appropriate approach to support the launch of an anti-hangover shower gel.

Pringles New Advergame

Sony Playstation 2's 'Jak X '

The Viral Chart is tracking Maverick's latest viral spot Car Jak'd , which rips into a notorious dancing robot who busts one move too many. The viral campaign launches Sony Playstation 2's 'Jak X ' - combat racing with an epic storyline.

New Xbox 360 Viral Campaign, Help Us Solve It (click to enter)
Xbox launched its new viral campaign earlier this month with a perfect teasing strategy combined with street marketing visuals of a supposedly enigmatic sign.
this sign or logo is exposed on:trucks, hotels bars, clubs, sandbeach, ...
Help Xbox solve this mystery.

118118experience Vs. toutouyoutour:118218

Here we go, the war is announced.
Several companies such as: Francetelecom, TheNumber, Allô Bottin, Telegate will be fighting for market shares.
After numerous years of monopoly by Francetelecom...the new players are in.

Sony Ericsson K750i - First Mobile video clip by The Presidents of the United States

Axe: Interactive TV
Axe news-report-mocking video is about a fictitious Alaskan town that used Axe deodorant to attract women because the town had none, has finally found a home beyond the bits and bytes of the viral highway. The video will be central to an interactive television campaign running on Comcast ITV's Cartoon Network Swim Block and will consist of a news banner that runs along the bottom of programming which, if clicked, leads to the video.

November 04, 2005

Car campaigns

Audi Elements - Audi tries Viral Marketing to promote the new A4
Well, this is sad: Audi apparently has wasted hundreds of thousands of Euros for an online viral ad campaign to promote the launch of their new A4 and the result ? Just another prove that bad viral marketing doesn't have to be cheap !

After clicking the image, you get to see a boring 3 minute long flash video And that's the final dramatic climax of the whole campaign: after being forced to jump through all these hoops, the potential customer ends up on the standard Audi homepage, which is featuring right now the all new - oops - Audi A6 Avant !!!

Jaguar S Type-R - Advergame An advergame for the promotion of the Jaguar S 650 000 participants for the first 3 weeks It's a difficult Golf game, which pushes the visitors to spend more time on the site and return to play again

Update on the VW Polo Viral "Scandal" Good news for Lee and Dan, the guys behind the fake viral clip for the VW Polo. They no longer have to hide from VW's lawyers (Source: Reuters)

Volkswagen said in a statement it had received sworn statements from the two creators -- Dan Brooks and Lee Ford -- acknowledging that they made the ad but had not intended for it to be distributed. “The ad got out accidentally and has spread like wildfire. It wasn’t meant for public consumption. “We think the spot reflects what people see in the news everyday, and in this instance the car is the hero that protects innocent people from someone with very bad intentions. We’re sorry if the ad has caused any offence.”

Making Viral Marketing Clips, the Do-It-Yourself Way Viral Marketing Campaign for BMW's Mini MINI BROTHER. It's a strange variation of the TV show Big Brother, where participants are sitting in a MINI... Well, looks like it didn't went all too viral- at least not outside Great Britain...

Volvo's Online Branding Campaign for the new S40 "The advertising was backed with a longer version of the documentary featuring interviews with residents of Dalaro talking about the spooky phenomenon. It was supposedly directed by a Venezuelan filmmaker called Carlos Soto. But Volvo has now revealed that it is Spike Jonze, the director of the films 'Being John Malkovich' and 'Adaptation' as well as the legendary Beastie Boys video 'Sabotage', who made the documentary." Nice Idea - but how successful was it ? "The Swedish car maker said that hits to the Volvo UK website have more than doubled since the launch of the campaign, and that 435,000 digital viewers of the ad have selected the red button option to view the documentary via interactive TV. Carlos Soto's spoof website has been visited by 77,000 people across Europe and the Volvo Dalaro site has had 440,000 hits, including 96,000 from the UK." Really an interesting case for how to combine classic advertising with online branding, viral marketing and a lot PR !!

The French agency MindShare copied the same concept for the launching of the car in France. microsite about the "Mystery of Dalarö" (Not accessible)

Fiat UK is trying a viral approach... It looks like the auto industry really loves online branding - especially in the UK ! After the successful viral campaign for the Mazda2, now Fiat is trying a similar tactic with this funny little ad-clip.

Mazda car wars – Viral & Buzz Marketing We're planning, seeding and tracking a new Mazda online viral and buzz marketing campaign called 'Car Wars', featuring a sassy, web-exclusive film clip written and directed by Quiet Storm, to support wider brand marketing activity for the Mazda B-Series pick-up. "This new Mazda online viral and buzz marketing campaign, aims to raise brand awareness and boost demand for the Mazda B-Series pick-up, making the vehicle a cheeky status symbol. The campaign provides culture-driving, online influencers with exclusive entertainment content to interact with and pass on to their contacts."

Short movie by Honda

A mini film dedicated to the new Honda This film since its launching became a mythic mini film which marked the sector Certainly the producers want to make an homage to the producer of 'The Way Things Go', a.k.a. Der Lauf Der Dinge.

Lexus launches its new model Lexus launches its new model via a giant contest of photographs on a NY frontage With the occasion of the launching of its new model IS, Lexus installed on a frontage of Times Square in New York a giant screen. On this screen, one can see an image of the new truck of the mark which is in fact made up of the photographs that the Net surfers come to deposit on the site, while hoping to gain a specimen of the car. On the same principle as for the operation (To run), plus the Net surfer deposits photographs and invites friends, more it has possibility of gaining the car. Advertising friend, if you want to generate traffic and to develop the notoriety of your mark, offers to your visitors always more: convey, photo on Time Square, etc... The more you will give some your visitor, the more it will speak about you with his friends.


The launch of the "Saab 9-3 Aero V6 SportWagon" is accompanied by the launching of a new viral game. It invites you to take the wheel and to find your way towards a specific destination by overcoming several obstacles. Good Luck!
Jaguar S Type-R - Advergame An advergame for the promotion of the Jaguar S 650 000 participants for the first 3 weeks It's a difficult Golf game, which pushes the visitors to spend more time on the site and return to play again.
Land Rover launches an energy drink for amateurs of sports cars
In June 2005, Land Rover created the mini site "The New Rush" (accessible via in order to promote the launching of its range Range Rover Sport. To generate traffic, Rover found an unexpected method for a car manufacturer: the creation of a drink which bears also the name "The New Rush"

November 01, 2005

Luxe campaigns

CK Backstage
CK continues with its mission of attracting the young generations by using campaigns that appeal to them. Ater the "CK appartment", they return with CK Backstage, a combination of community creation and branding image.
People are invited to create their own rock group and gather the highest number of fans in order to win the trip to New York.
More than 86 000 answered the CK call.

Color Pulse Internet campaign by L‘Oréal
In France the strategy was a true success, with more than 1,3 million visitors on the mini-site. The feedback was huge since the users could register to this competition and vote to choose the finalists. UK added a bidding line to attract visitors. The strategy of promo created new practices of the consumer, which made it possible to l'Oréal paris to reach a specific target and establish a community for Pulse - community which is founded to develop even more in the future!

Jean-paul Gaultier

For the launching of its new perfum, Gaultier² in september, Jean Paul Gaultier used the viral tool on the internet with an innovating artistic web project.
The content is well diversified: painting and music, graphical arts, manga with a movie shown in international permière...everything to be shared online at least by pair !

Emporio Armani - Get Together

For the launching of its new fragrance, City Glam, Emporio Armani launched a contest for the amateur models. This contest was unique, since it gathered couples of amateur models and the best three couples won a trip to Milan to attend to the January 2006 festival of Armani.

- 300 participants

- 70 couples

- more than 21 000 uniques visits

Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler launches its new perfum: Alien
After a street marketing burst, an internet campaign was launched through blogs and minisites;
A blog was created to tell the story of a man searching for this woman: Alien.
Visitors are invited to imagine the episodes of this story:

October 30, 2005

Mobile Phones

Samsung launches its new advergame
A wise and meticulous Advergame with a TV relay. The TV spot intrigues us with an enigma and a website address. The advergame ain’t that easy to solve. The prize is of a value: trip to L.A And 50 Samsung DVD players.Try it, It’s fun!

Nokia 20 lives : multicanal buzz campaign
An interactive site developped by Nokia offering 20 Lives for the participants
Relay on MTV &
To gain 1 stay in Las Vegas, 1 stay in Monaco, 1 flight in the helicopter, 1 Spa weekend and 18 Nokia telephones
750 000 participants

Motorola launches an iPod phone !
Motorola launches the "Rokr"; a mobile phone which make possible to store music and functions with iTunes
For the communication campaign, Motorola chose: Madonna, Iggy Pop, Green Day...

Panasonic - the creation of a parodic site, humour and self-derision Panasonic diverted the concept of telling people that OUR product is fun...and created an association of people against fun; the members of this association will vote for poducts that seem to be fun . . . and the new panasonic Sv is one of them. Cool way to change a bit from traditional messages.

SAMSUNG searches for trendsetters Samsung France, organized an interactive game combining street marketing & internet from 30 April to 28 May 2005, entitled "SAMSUNG MP3 STREET LAB 2005" a shutter recruitment consists in selecting potential ambassadors of the brand during animations organized in the street by the teams (Street teams)

Elections consist in choosing 100 ambassadors of the brand during votes organized on the site The 100 elected candidates will be equipped with walkmans MP3 Samsung YP-f1z and will have to play the role of the ambassadors for the brand

Music Stores furious against Madonna and France Teleco As opposed to what France Telecom declared on Monday October 17, the single 'Hung up' of Madonna is indeed available in remote loading on Orange and Wanadoo, on mobile and PC, via a protected platform.

From the 7th of November to the 14th, the users will be able to discover six new titles, but only in streaming. On November the 14th, the official date of launching the album, all the songs will be downloadable.