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May 31, 2006

Natalie Portman swears in Arabic

That's good news :)

Pillow Fights : In France

DamDam had the idea of lauching the British concept, "Pillow Fighting" in France.
Nice move Damien. Next time I will be there with my big yellow pillow full of souvenirs and stuff.
The media went crazy and TF1 was there too. check Damien's blog for more info about the happening.

I think it's a good idea to ease up the stress of daily life and especially, get rid of UNWANTED pillows :)

Check it, it's cool, and the location is amazing.

May 30, 2006

How women think?

This is one Freakin' hillarious video my firend from lebanon sent me.
Well guys, if we were arabs, women have to catch up Big Time to our Ora of thinking ?

Cheers mates

May 29, 2006

Amélie Mauresmo : Viral Campaign

Some Amelie Mauresmo fans created a viral campaign sponsored by Reebok.
The 2 clips are hillarious, and the site is well designed.
It is simple, easy to digest, with a slight overview on Reebok who tried to stay on the back scene of the campaign.
Check it on :

Do it with a condom

It doesn't matter how you do it!
Do it with a condom.
A funny commercial by McCanPortugal to promote the usage of condoms.

Opel Blogs : Credibility discussions

In Germany the car manufacturer Opel has started a blog project to promote the new Opel Astra. Four bloggers are equipped with the new car for four weeks in order to test and review.
All the blog posts are sydicated on the Astra blog
Moreover, there is a sweepstake where users have to send pictures of the Opel bloggers.
The fact that the bloggers are sponsored with the car and the allowances are paid had kicked off discussions in the blogosphere about credidibility and the sell-out of the bloggs.

May 27, 2006

Heineken Secret Weapon

A great story told by a great beer: Heineken
Some weeks ago, Heineken led a viral online campaign supported by a guerilla online marketing campaign, based on infiltrating netsurfers interested in the World Cup 2006.
And who isn't?!?
final video ended the campaign and revealed the Heineken Hat to the world.

We all remember how the Heineken hats were banned from the euro cup in 2004.
This time, they are in, and kicking :0)
Check more stuff on : Heineken's website

May 22, 2006

The unknown teaser revealed - LG new Blog

LG revealed its teaser with : Chocolate Sphere Wake Up Your Senses.
A blog where brand ambassadors were chosen to talk about their life, their tastes and their job.
Each blogger/ambassador comes from a different background, different style and hobbies.
A small contest is set where you can send your own Chocolate inspired pictures.
Interesting concept, but i don't know if people and netsurfers are so interested in knowing about these people's life.

We will wait and see.

Have your Quote published with Frisk

After his teasing mini-site, Frisk launched a game contest on its corporate site; the concept is simple: Send your own quote in your own language and have it published on a super-size board after a voting from the visitors.
Get inspired about fresh breath with Frisk and send your own quote here : Open Your Mouth

May 18, 2006

BIC - Viral ads

BIC - Viral ads
Video sent by jeannasr

My friend Mag sent me this sequal of videos by BIC.
Well, I laughed so much that my stomach is still aching.

A mini-website was created for the EVENT :)
I will let you judge by yourself and check the other 3 here :

BIC Versailles

BIC Precol

BIC cerveau

May 17, 2006

Guessing Advergame

"Guess the 46 cities and send it to a friend".
Well, this ain't so original, and it is almost similar to "Exercice your muscle" by Virgin; but, it is kind of interesting to test your geographical knowledge.

May 11, 2006

The Shoppenboys are in Da house

Celio launched a new campaing targeting women, thanks to a creative idea from Nouveau Jour.
Shoppenboys, a hillarious yet clever concept to create visibility in the Celio shops all over France and therefore, make people talk about it.
Several visit dates are set to reach all Women all over France.
So, girls, check the site and prepare yourself for the ultimate experience where gorgeous guys are here to help you doing your shopping for your man.

Unknown Teaser

Do you have any idea about this teaser ?
It's from France and I don't have any clue about who's behind it.

Keep me posted for any info . Thanks

May 10, 2006

Managing an Advertising Agency

An advergame to promote Maconomy X, a financial solution for advertising agencies.
Catch Time – on Time is the challenge of every advertising/consulting agency : get your people to submit time on time. The Creative people are very reluctant and will make comments... but this is something you already know :-)

May 05, 2006

Heineken Invasion

I don't know what the new Heineken website says since I don't understand Dutch, but apparently, and as Martina from Adverblog says, it's a pre-session before the World Cup in Germany, in order to remind people about Heineken and its great taste.
A well executed animation with a weird concept.
via (Adverblog)

May 04, 2006

Frisk - Open your mouth

Frisk, launched a new website to promote its fresh effect on breath and the opportunities a man can have by swallowing a Frisk.
A funny whimsikal animation with a funny message : Open your mouth "ouvrez la bouche".

Check the first movie, and visit the site to see the other one.

May 02, 2006

A viral website from Philips for a New Razor

Philips launched the new Bodygroom razor with a viral website: shave everywhere. Following the porn industry speech, the company is promoting the razor's ability to add an "optical inch" to man's genitals and make the trimming of that area simple, painless and rewarding size-wise. Forget about five bladed razors.

Via Adrant

A new scooter concept by Piaggio

A scooter with 3 wheels ?!?
Piaggio launched its new scooter with 2 wheels in front and one in the back.
Nice concept.

May 01, 2006

The SEX url of Signal revealed

Here is the revelation, the website URL is fake.
All it is about, is a teasing campaign for : Brosse A Domicile
The site will be revealed on the 2nd of May. The site editor talks about a teasing campaign but i don't know if he hecked the URL with 15 X; each X represents a letter of Brosse A Domicile, and personally I think it was written by mistake.

Anyway, We will wait and see the revelation.

Viral Marketing & le Marketing Viral

La fièvre du marketing viral
C'est le rêve caché de toutes les marques : transformer le consommateur lui-même en vecteur de promotion. Avec Internet, le marketing viral retrouve une deuxième jeunesse, à petit prix. (octobre 2003)

Viral Marketing & le Marketing Viral

Viral Marketing
By Steve Jurvetson and Tim Draper - May 1, 1997
"The award for Internet marketing buzzword of the year goes to 'viral marketing." - Iconocast, December 16, 1998