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August 16, 2007

The Undetectables by Gillette

Gillette launched in UK an integrated marketing campaign for the new Gillette Fusion Power Stealth range. Online, they have created a "spy game" called The Undetectables where users are challenged to recover the Stealth razor that has been recently stolen. This was the article I recieved.
What I don't understand is: Where is the "Integrated marketing Campaign" in this campaign ???The game is silly and shallow...we've seen zillions of advergames like that; and I think that a big budget was allocated to develop such a game with the blondy girl ... for nothing!
Get the best score and win ... woooooo ...
Send to a friend...
Which razor do you use???
As you might notice, I'm a bit pissed, 'cause what I hate is these advertisers that have lots of millions to waste by mlaunching such nonesense games that they call: Integrated marketing campaigns" or...viral games that will attract millions of visitors.
Well, I don't think so, and if they announce hundreds of thousands of visitors, trust's bullsh*t. Peace ;)

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