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April 26, 2007

Wake up ! Help the sida orphans

This is one shocking Print Ad, to demonstrate the cruel reality of the sida orphans all over the world...the third world.
Publicis launched this campaign to remember the morbid reality of these people & aid them, somehow, somewhere, sometime, to overcome in way their shitful existence!
The first print says: There are children that don't have to arrange their room.
The second print says: There are children that can nibble all day long.

April 25, 2007

Get some nuts with Mr.T

Souvenirs souvenirs ... Mr.T is back, and he still looks the same.
It's amazing how some people don't change. A video with Mr.T endorsing Snickers, the nuts chocolate bar, and a TV website with interactive material. We'll have to wait until the 7th of May to see what it's all about!
The video is not very special but it was good to see Mr.T at his peak !
Check the site here.

April 19, 2007

BMW: Lisbon - Berlin

BMW launched an advergame: PACE - Pursuit Across Europe. It is very interactive, similar to a road movie with several european palces and cities to visit, while driving a BMW.It is well designed and animated, the graphics are amazing, but the streaming is very slow banded while shifting from one heading to another.
Enjoy the game and ... buy a BMW :)

April 04, 2007

Sony Ericsson: Tennis by night

Shut the lights, and get ready to play tennis at night with Sony Ericsson. It's a cool party concept that was launched in Spain last year and now it's in Miami.It's called Tennis by night where the Tennis court is transformed into a dicso or teh other way around. The atmosphere is great and the Dj Paul Oakenfold rules! Evereything is in Ultra Violet from the court to the tennis shoes. A perfect combination to reach a cool / young target.
Check the site, it's great!

La Tribune

The French business newspaper La Tribune launched a new service where people can receive all the business news Live & even download them in a PDF format.
To communicate about this new service they developed a funny video that you can check here: