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August 29, 2007

Fuel for Life: The new fragrance

The mystery has been revieled, the new fragrance by Diesel is born.
Fuel for Life! Are you alive?
If you check the Diesel website, you'll discover a totally new univers with emotional videos to watch, lots of interactivity and UGC.
The only problem (not a real one) is that the site is too much elaborated with lots of content and infos.
I don't know if it's done intentionally by Diesel to make people stay more on the site and discover all its headings.
Funny and interactive games are integrated to the site where you can send your video saying: 'I'm Alive' and this video will be broadcasted on a giant screen.
Another game let you discover your perfect match & in a last one you can submit your drawing sharing your secret fantasies.
Anyway, the site is perfectly designed and the videos are well produced.
Hope the perfume will do its job !

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