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June 28, 2007

Human joystick

This is THE Big idea!
A perfect interaction between the crowd, your target dear Advertisers, and the brand!
As you'll see in this movie, interacting with people can be done anywhere, by all means, and especially, in a creative yet funny manner.
Those people, present in this theatre, had the chance to wait for their movie while playing all together and becoming joysticks, human joysticks. launched this game earlier this month and you can find it on Newsbreaker.
Hopefully, crowd gaming in theatres will become a trend!

June 26, 2007

Adidas: Creative flash banner

This is what I call "creativity" !
Check the demo here.

June 22, 2007

Les troisièmes bras: Unlimited SMS

Here's a nice campaign to boost the subscriptions to unlimited SMS by NRJ Mobile.
The concept is so simple: A third hand to send SMSs while you are using your other (normal 2 hands) for doing daily and usual things like:
- Kissing and flirting, playing on your Wii or PSP ...
Check the clip and the site here!
Well done buzzman

June 04, 2007

Let the game continue with AXE

A very sexy movie by Axe.
Yes guys, it's a movie by Axe, with our friend Enrique Bishop that was the star of Dad I'm DARE for Wilkinson.

I like the sequals and the sexy cast but the ministe's existance ain't that crucial. It would have been a huge success if the videos were spread on the net in a teasing way order to let the game continue !

That's just my personal opinion !