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February 28, 2006

Nivea Mania

Nivea launches a viral to promote Nivea's for Men Football Mania campaign.
Play a game, win a car and watch two old ladies fight in a supermarket. What a great day!
A dedicated website was also launched to play with nivea, with a good animation production.
Check the clip out at:
Football Mania
via (Viral Chart)

Bush speaks in a stupid way

Here you can make Georges Bush speak in a funny way with no censorship or political pressure.
Make him give the speach you wanna hear.
I started typing out a speech that I'd love for Bush to give, but it took a while because the site only allows you to type in words that he's actually spoken before. Somehow, I was forced to use phrases that ended up sounding like pure nonsense. I guess that's just part of the course.
The Bush Speech!

February 27, 2006

Ikea – Réveillez votre chambre

Ikea launched last week a dedicated website to support Bedrooms.
The intro is amazing and well done, as for the content of the site, it's fully equiped and elaborated.
The videos are somehow not good.
As for the strategy, Ikea is prooving that it wont launch a new campaign anymore without a special dedicated website.
Check it, it's cool!
via (Culture Buzz)

February 23, 2006

I Love Hot Dog

Milk and mysterious Buzzman launched today a hillarious site to promote "HOT DOG". It is called:
A video clip featuring DOG Rappers can be viewed on the website "ilovehotdog".
The song and the lyrics are so funny.
Is it a new teasing campaign for a known brand???
We will check it later.

February 22, 2006

The Brazilian Axe Effect

From Brazil, an advergame to promote the Axe seductive effect. Don't expect anything sexy or daring. I'm posting about it because I believe it's good to see how different countries promote the Axe "effect" through advergames.

February 20, 2006

Track the Sopranos

Track The Sopranos With Googgle Earth Maps.
In ten days, HBO plans to go live with a Google Maps mashup that will help viewers track the actions on the Sopranos. There will be markers on the map that correlate to key plot points, and clicking on them will bring up a popup with information on the episode, including video clips. Its an interesting way to promote the show.
I couldn't find the specific site of the game or anything that relates to it, but this picture posted by AdAge
If someone has any info about it, please keep me posted.

February 16, 2006

BenQ Siemens - Et si on parlait?

In order to launch its new CL75 Poppy in France, BenQ Siemens created a dedicated website.
It is called: my-siemens and it illustrates a well known french comedian, Arnaud Gidoin in 6 different spots that constitute short sequals.
On the website you can find a game contest where people are invited to send their videos and win 1 year of shopping in several shops, 10 packs of the new CL75 Poppy.
The website is targeting women as the new cellphone is addressed to them.

The design of the site and the videos are well executed; as for the game contest, i find it very hard to push people to send videos in order to participate in a lottery game.
Anyway, we will see the feedback later on.

February 15, 2006

Flagrant Ad copying from Gillette

In France, and just before the World Cup in Germany, Gillette launched an Ad campaign in the French daily press to promote its new brand Nitro.
But, what Gillette France forgot, is that there are some keen people that observe and depict Ads, and for its sad stupid luck, some people caught Gillette in Flagrant déli...(if i can put it that way)

The same Ad was found in a South American magazine, some years ago, for Schick Exacta.
This is shameful, Gillette France.

And to add, i think Gillette wanted to repsond to the buzz campaign launched by Le Labviral (mediaedge:cia) for Wilkinson:

See for yourself and tell me about it.

HUMO Magazine - Trashy Campaign

From Belgium a good idea taken too far.
The Humo Magazine campaign by Duval Guillaume Brussels started with a humorous ad with Saddam, and then the concept was taken to the extreme by featuring a plane about to crash into the WTC.
Share you comments on Coloribus .
Such a nice Creative campaign.

Plastique de rêve par DIOR

Christian Dior qui vient d'ouvrir son blog sur Typepad : “Plastique de rêve” animé par Sophie Kune (qui s'occupe déjà de “Vous les hommes” le blog de Celio et directrice de l'agence “Je suis unique”.

Il sera régulièrement commenté par 12 blogueuses qui testeront des produits. Et parmi ces blogueuses, nos non-moins célèbrissimes potineuses : Jen la Bobo, Miss Blablabla, et Frogita.
Ces blogueuses fuent bien choisies et contactées en avance.

L'univers du BLOG perd de sa crédibilité.

Et, ce n'est pas en utilisant un concept "LE BLOG" qui devait être perso et crédible, q'une marque va donner ou pourra communiquer une image de Proximité avec sa clientèle.
Les commentaires sont truqués, modérés, classés et bien écrits.

C'est pas ça LE BLOG. . .

Et puis on parle de 220 commentaires en une semaine!!!
J'ai remarqué, après une petite recherche que c'est les 9 mêmes adresses IP qui les postent.
C'est bizarre ce truc.

En tout cas, on se rappel tous de L'expérience Thierry Mugler sur les blogs .

February 13, 2006

The KA Boys

In France, Ford gets inspiration from the movie "The Full Monty" to launch a series of funny videos and a micro-site to promote its KA model.
The KA Boys campaign, created by Wunderman, gives a shake to the traditional Ford's communication approach, generating word-of-mouth especially among women who will surely laugh at these improbable strip teasers...
It is nic, but i am wondering when the French Viral agencies will stop copying from things that we already saw...
No creativity whatsoever...

February 11, 2006

Anyone can look Good

In Sweden, Forsman & Bodenfors has created an interactive animation for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to show how easy it is to change someone’s appearance in an advertising campaign.

February 06, 2006

Death penalty for BMW

In Germany, BMW has been trying to artificially boost the popularity ranking of its site. The mighty Google found out the automaker was cheating and apparently kicked it out of its index. As reported on several blogs, BMW has been caught employing doorway pages to attract search engines spiders. While BMW almost immediately removed the pages after the news broke (after having them live for almost 2 years), apparently it was too late. German BMW are now suffering what is known as the “Google death penalty”: a ban from almost any imaginable top search result, and a degrading of the PageRank to the lowest possible value.
Here is the article in the papers.

February 03, 2006
Video sent by jeannasr
Hillarious campaign for wilkinson - the shaving out experience

February 02, 2006

DaRE Wilkinson: Do your Shaving Out

Wilkinson launched its new concept: DaRE.
It stands for: "Droit aux rasages extravagants" which means in English, The right for extravagant shaving.
This campaign is extremely Daring & exquisite regarding its concept, its delirious interactivity with visitors and the voting part which reminds us of Hot Or Not Hot.

The video on the site are well done and perfectly executed by Milk, and the concept set by the Labviral of Mediaedge:cia Paris is one of a kind.

This campaign sounds good and perfectly shaped especially that Wilkinson accepted such an Out of the Box concept and took the risk to set itself aside from its competitors by transcending the basic purpose of shaving for men.
Check it, it's DaRE

February 01, 2006

The Olympic challenge with Google Earth (and Fiat)

To properly celebrate (and of course take promotional advantage) of the upcoming Olympic games, Fiat has partnered with Google Earth to launch an extremely cool online competition. Under the snows of Turin and the Olympic valleys Fiat has hidden an exclusive Ferrari 360 Experience pass and four Fiat Sedici cars. The game (Sedici contest) challenges users finding on a Google Earth map the places where suche prizes have been hidden. The competition is also in English, so I definitely invite you to give it a try.

I have one thing to complain about: the quality of the web site. Such a nice concept should have been promoted with a much more appealing site (also checking the English copy...)

(via Adverblog)

The Million Dollar Homepage

I have just one comment: That's a BIG IDEA.
The guy will make more than 1.000.000 dollars in just one simple idea and some months.
Check these links:
Link towards Million Dollar Homepage
Ebay's page
Master Alex page

Now, everyone is doing it:
Here's a link found on the same million dollar homepage.
French people decided to do it too:

My turn is coming soon :)