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December 24, 2005

Get Santa Drunk

If Santa really drank all the alcohol people leave out,
he would be more like this...
(Use your arrow keys and don't touch the train tracks)

December 22, 2005

Blowfly - A beer with assets

Blowfly is a beer whose marketing is inspired by Open Source (Liam's background includes a period with the Linux consultancy, Red Hat). He explains how they created an open source model to create demand for their beer by word of mouth - a David and Goliath tale of using networking to challenge the brewing duopoly in Australia.

"We're the lunatics from Brewtopia. Backed by one of the best up and coming breweries in the Australia, in 2002 we created a beer built on a concept we called Viral Equity - thousands of people across 20 countries helping us make a brand new beer over the internet. Crazy? Yes. Doomed to fail? Yes. But it didn't.... And for giving us input we gave those folks a chance for stake in the company!"

December 21, 2005

Virals of the year

(Via Adverblog) BrandRepublic has an article on the most downloaded virals of the year. According to BoreMe the controversial suicide bomber viral created without the knowledge of Volkswagen has become the most downloaded viral campaign of the year, with over 2.3m downloads.

This makes me curious to find out which is, in your opinion, the best (funniest/most successful) viral ad of the year. Here I share my favourites, you can vote or leave a comments suggesting (+ linking) your own favourite viral campaign.

What's the best viral of the year?
- Playboy, behind the scenes
- FedEx, even an MBA can do it
- Axe Ravenstock
- Rexona, the stunts


December 20, 2005

FedEx viral: even an MBA can do it

FedEx Express has launched a viral marketing campaign (Relax, we'll manage) across Europe, key Middle East markets and India. FedEx' idea is to target middle and junior management with (five funny videos) which showcase FedEx services in sketches set in everyday business situations. My favourite is the Stupid GUY one.

December 19, 2005

No politically correct advergames for Xmas

"THE" Christmas advergame, not politically correct but definitely funny: the Brat invasion by T-Viral.

Mobile wearable Bag

Wearing a Tsaya frees you from your handbag when you want to stay sleek. The main pocket secures your phone, and another holds your ID, credit card & some cash. Wear a Tsaya concealed - or show it off with a short dress or skirt. This is our premier couture edition.

December 18, 2005

Wanna be a football star?

Electronic Arts has launched a viral campaign to promote its Fifa 2006 videogame. Users have the chance to personalize a 45-seconds film becoming a football striker in their favourite team. As Bloc Media explains on its site the personalised Flash interactive utilises a comprehensive database containing every team from every country and league in FIFA.

This is my performance has striker for my hometown team Triestina. Of course at the end of the path you have a tell-a-friend call to action.
(via Adverblog)

Advergame by Teramed

Help Joe brushing his teeth
Robby from Nascom sent me an email to share the advergame they have created for Theramed. The idea is to help Joe brushing his teeth during 7 days. Why 7 days? The product claims that it only takes seven days to make your teeth whiter...

December 17, 2005

The Elf Zapper

WebTrends has launched a Christmas advergame . The Elf Zapper is an extremely addictive game, you shouldn't start playing at work... since you will "waste" too much time and, you know, in Q4 this cannot happen :-)

December 04, 2005

The machine that drives you "CRAZY"

Concentrate on the center of the is crazy...PG 16 :)