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September 21, 2007

Williams Razors

After the DARE...the followers.
Williams razors launched a new campaign called: USPP (the Special Unit of Skin Protection)
It reminded me of the DARE, the Right for Eccentric Shaving.

It's good sometimes to be inspired by the ideas of others, but what's better is to enhance them and make them more creative.
Sincerely, I don't see anything creative in this campaign, (even though my opinion is biased)
Once on the site, you feel that you're in a childhood universe, where wannabe heroes invite you to join them and save the planet !
A special feature invites you to go further in the adventure by going to Second Life or My Space...I didn't get the point.
Bref, the site is too complicated, no clear message whatsoever, and the worse part of it, is that you are obliged to subscribe to the newsletter in order to validate your registration.
I have never seen this in my life !!!
Anyway, if Williams wants to compete with its rivals on the Web, like Wilkinson and its perfect Fight For Kisses video and The all time winner DARE, they have a long long way to go !

September 20, 2007

Kit gourmand: the revelation

Well...we didn't have to wait until the 24th to see the revelation of the site.
as I mentioned earlier in this post.
Les Hommes Objets are already online and kicking. Who else but Buzzman can buzz the buzzer that well !
The site is about the 20 years anniversary of TF1 tele shopping.
Several types of men are proposed on the site: the Alarm Man, the Jar Opener Man ...
You can also create your own Ombre ... so, ladies, if you ain't happy with your teddy bear, you have the chance now to create your own Monster.
The site is easy to surf, the game contest is a short registration & basta.
I think that the email database will explode since the gift is catchy.
I will wait to see the real Homme Objet Live in paris during October.
Until then, thanks Buzzman for the Pickles !

Le Kit Gourmand

I recieved this beautiful Kit from L'Homme Ouvre Bocal, and I can say, this is well thought 'cause I'm having a small dinner at my place and this Kit with some sausages and some pickles will do the job...with a glass of Gin of course.
Actually, it's a new website called: (the Ojects Men) if I might say ! A booklet guides you in how to open the Jar and it's translated in Chinese I think. Quite funny :)
A teasing website will be launched on the 24th of september.
Until then ... keep the Taste ;)

September 17, 2007

Dance with Bob

Sony Ericsson just launched its new game contest in partnership with the french Dj Bob Sinclar.
To participate to the contest, upload your video on a dedicated website: while dancing on a Bob Sinclar's song & win either a trip to see Bob Sinclar LIVE or the new mobile Sony Ericsson W580.

The site is amazing and well designed.
The partnership with Dailymotion is perfectly thought in order to take advantage of its community and tahir creativity.
And here's the intro video that I really enjoyed. The tecktonik effect :)

September 13, 2007

Monster Anti-Boueltte, the worldwide recruitment agency just launched a funny website about recruitment and the things people shouldn't do while presenting themselves to a recruitment agency or a potential employer.
The cool thing is that the site offers the chance to send your email in a video format and maybe have the chance to be on the Homepage of Monster during one week.

They developped several videos, extremely hilarious putting in scene people doing weird things during their professional meeting.
Check the site Anti Boulette and if you don't have a job yet ;) send your video CV !

September 05, 2007

Shake your city

To promote its new option"Shake", Sony Ericsson decided to sponsor two Guys from Sweeden, Bastian & Lenny, that created the movement: Shake your city.The new SE option is simple: to change a song your listening to on your W580 Mobile, just shake your phone ;)
Check the site and the video; these guys are crazy !