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August 29, 2007

Fuel for Life: The new fragrance

The mystery has been revieled, the new fragrance by Diesel is born.
Fuel for Life! Are you alive?
If you check the Diesel website, you'll discover a totally new univers with emotional videos to watch, lots of interactivity and UGC.
The only problem (not a real one) is that the site is too much elaborated with lots of content and infos.
I don't know if it's done intentionally by Diesel to make people stay more on the site and discover all its headings.
Funny and interactive games are integrated to the site where you can send your video saying: 'I'm Alive' and this video will be broadcasted on a giant screen.
Another game let you discover your perfect match & in a last one you can submit your drawing sharing your secret fantasies.
Anyway, the site is perfectly designed and the videos are well produced.
Hope the perfume will do its job !

August 17, 2007

Happiness Factory by Coca Cola

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam launched Happiness Factory - The Movie in Second Life. It's a short animated movie of almost 4 minutes that talks about the Happiness Factory that run out of Coke. I liked the animations and the story behind it, but what really caught me was the true effort that the directors put in order to provide to the public a real animated movie. It's true that they want to sell Coca Cola, but I'm sure their creativity and imagination goes above those financial issues.
Bravo to all the team!
You can view the movie here: Happinness Factory

Thanks Shannon for the tip !

August 16, 2007

Sprint: Waitless

This is fun!
To promote a new unlimited calling feature, Sprint has launched Waitless to give you an idea of how time passes in your life. The time calculator is so much fun since you can put anything you want to calculate the wasted time, so let your imagination guide you !

There's also a You Tube channel on which you can upload your Sprint waitless cuts and help people Wait Less ! It's hillarious yet logical.

The Undetectables by Gillette

Gillette launched in UK an integrated marketing campaign for the new Gillette Fusion Power Stealth range. Online, they have created a "spy game" called The Undetectables where users are challenged to recover the Stealth razor that has been recently stolen. This was the article I recieved.
What I don't understand is: Where is the "Integrated marketing Campaign" in this campaign ???The game is silly and shallow...we've seen zillions of advergames like that; and I think that a big budget was allocated to develop such a game with the blondy girl ... for nothing!
Get the best score and win ... woooooo ...
Send to a friend...
Which razor do you use???
As you might notice, I'm a bit pissed, 'cause what I hate is these advertisers that have lots of millions to waste by mlaunching such nonesense games that they call: Integrated marketing campaigns" or...viral games that will attract millions of visitors.
Well, I don't think so, and if they announce hundreds of thousands of visitors, trust's bullsh*t. Peace ;)

August 13, 2007

The Twingo Lab

Twingo in Belgium is seraching for its new test driver.
The weirdo Professor will test you in order to choose the best candidate to test the new Twingo..and win it !
So, register and complete the pretest on Twingo Lab...who knows, you could be the lucky winner in september!
You can also make fun of your friends; I wont say more...just check what I did with my Boss :)