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February 13, 2007

Axe Vice

No...It's not Miami Vice, it's Axe Vice, the new advergame by Axe. It's a quest game where you have to find 5 Axe girls on
I don't know why they choose Skyblog, which mainly targets kids (9-19) years old.
First you have to subscribe to play the game AxeVice
and then you have to subscribe to Skyrock / Skyblog to find the girls.
I think it's really a mess to do all these steps to play an advergame.
If Skyblog wants to boost its subsribers number, it is not the way to do it, knowing that more than half of Skyblog's subscribers are inactiev or fake.
Anyway, I give a 0 to Axe for risking such a partnership with Skyblog.

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