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November 03, 2009

Analyzing social media

Is there a way to see what's happening, in numbers, on each social media platform and count each and every tweet for example ?!?
Yes geeks, there's way ... and Gary found it... how, i don't know, but i hope it's credible and honest ;)
Check it here and visit his website:

November 02, 2009

Who's smarter than who ?

Hasbro just launched a huge global game on the web where Women and Men compete to see who's smarter .
I dont wanna go further explaining cause the videos you'll se below tell it all.
Just a thing before publishing this note: Girls, cant you do better than that ??? ;-)
Yes men, after just 2 launching days Men are leading !!! so join me on and challenge the opposite sex.

July 28, 2009

Global toast by Guinness

For the celebration of its 250 years of existence, Guinness launched recently a UGC website where people can upload their video and send their toast to Arthur the creator of Guinness.
A Global Toast to all happy beer drinkers.
You can also find on the site videos from celebrities sending their toast to gather funds for Global environmental causes.
Check it by entering Great Britain as your country .
Cheers to all of you and drink responsibly ;)

July 08, 2009

July 07, 2009

Try drugs

Here's a creative website to talk about drugs and their effect on our system.
Each drug has its own page and animation-related criteria.
Visit and try to click on the continue button ;)

June 25, 2009

Le pire des séries by Sony Ericsson

For those who had the privilege to watch a french series, I hereby invite you to check the similarity between "Le pire des séries" and what you usually see in french series.
Shallow scenario, lousy acting ... and not to mention the production.
For this, and for the launching of the new Sony Ericsson W995 (with 2 series embedded: Lost and Grey's anatomy) Arthur Schlovsky had the idea to re-adapt these french series by taking the shallowness to the limit.
Check the videos, visit the site and have a nice moment of pure laughter.

March 11, 2009

Ma garden Party

Wilkinson Sword did it again with a new online concept called : Ma garden party.
They launched today, with their Studio Media Arthur Schlovsky a funny clip with Simone elle est bonne, a french upraising singer.
It talks about shaving and designing the ... garden of Eden ;)
The site will be launched on the 16th.
So, for the moment check this jewel and until then ... keep your garden perfect ;)

Ma Garden Party
envoyé par magardenparty

January 21, 2009

Dance with T:Mobile at the Liverpool street station

You remember the freeze at Grand central station ?
You recall the freeze and rewind by Canon at Montparnasse Station ?
Here's another video / flash mob set by 360 dancers in the Liverpool street station.