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July 25, 2007

Facebook: The one & Only

Just a small note about Facebook.
It's true I've been only exploring this platform from about a year, but I have to tell you one thing:
if there's a global vote about one platform to stay on the web, it'll be this one.
Facebook gathers everything and anything and all you can imagine in this virtual world called the Web.
From old friends to find, and the ones you forgot about, concerts next to your place and favorite artists rendez-vous; homemade videos, people to bite and others to hug, gifts to give and a perfect msuic challenge on iLike! What do you need more than that, especially that your page is similar to a blog.
Ahhh, I forgot about the invitations and the events ... that's a great tool to fill an entire mall for your birthday :)
And the free mp3's !!!
I'm sure I forgot to mention so many things about Facebook, but, try it guys if you didn't Yet :)

A small wish: please advertisers, don't spoil it with ugly ads, gifs and stuff... Try to be more creative ...
and a smallmessage to Facebook webmasters: Don't spoil your site with many ads and especially ugly ones ;)

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