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January 31, 2007

Edelman Trust barometer

Or the credibility issue !
Edelman published on the 22nd of January its yearly barometer;
I wont go through all the study, but what interests me is the French sector and some of the european countries that I'll add to my article.
It says:
Business is more trusted than either government or media in every region of the globe, according to the eighth annual Edelman Trust Barometer, a survey of 3,100 opinion leaders that measures trust in institutions, companies, and sources of information in 18 countries.

In the three largest economies of Western Europe, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, trust in business stands at 34%, which is higher than trust in media and government at 25% and 22% respectively. The 2007 survey marks the lowest levels ever of trust in government across these three European countries.

CEOs are trusted by only 18% of opinion leaders in Europe’s three largest economies :)

In France, the situation is worse: publicity reaches hardly… 4%, and occupies the last row, far behind the blogs with 18%.
As for the media, it's also strongly questionned (current events TV: 11%, and radio: 17%). Even the economic magazines - which however appear in second position behind the uncontested winners, financial analysts (40%) - do not succeed in making good figure (29% against 40% in 2006).

My comments:
Regarding the business issue: Just think about religions; their business makes the world turn and they still have billions of followers.
Regarding Advertising: So what! I'd rather advertise Victoria's Secrets in an Ad that lacks credibility than advertising Jesus.
Regarding blogs in France: It's obvious that their credibility is higher than traditional media...just wait one more year and you'll see the curve slipping like a cock just after intercourse :)
Regarding CEOs: In my opinion, and especially in France, most of Head Officers and CEOs are becoming similar to Arab leaders and governors; no credibility, no potential to handle a firm, no sense of business whatsoever. All they have is their contacts, fiestas and mainly, indecent affairs (if you see what I mean) Oh!!! and one more thing, since I compared them to Arab leaders, they Lie perfectly. (is that negative???)
Your comments: ...

To check the entire study: click here

January 23, 2007

Diesel in hostage !

Blackmail, a hostage, a little extorsion and some stealing did the trick.
These girls have something Diesel doesn't. And they don't just mean the website.
Two crazy girls have kidnapped a Diesel sales representative, have locked themselves in an hotel room and now want to show the world what they're doing to him.
And they're going to become FAMOUS! Or at least so they say.
All this is being streamed on line, starting Monday 22nd of January.
People arriving now at the website ­ can not only interact with the girls (and our poor sales rep) thorough alive chat, but can actually choose the camera angle they are going to be viewing from.
There's a video that shows how the kidnapping happened: Crime Reconstruction

Check it now, because it's not clear how long they can last.
Thanks Martina

A concert in the Parisian Metro

7 human Beatboxes performed live in the Parisian Metro :
Naturally Seven, a new gospel band from the states will perform Live in Paris on the 24th of January.
This is one nice way to make people talk about the band especially that they're not really known in Paris !
Check the video Gig in the Metro !

January 22, 2007

Viagra Print Ad

One nice print Ad for Viagra !

January 18, 2007

Axe Ravenstoke: You can be there

On Axe Ravenstoke, you (men) can take part of the advergame, be a member of the ravenstoke happy Men !
AXE does it better, everytime, every year, and on each and every campaign.
The concept from the early beginning was brilliant and here's the fruit (s) of it !
Check it by yourself ! I was there too ;)

January 15, 2007

The truth in Adsales

For all the people who feel concerned, I will let you watch this video without my comments. You'll understand why ;)

iPhone:A Mobile for everything !

From the day I heard about the iPhone revelation, I thought about : innovation, total integration, perfect sounds, but I also thought of complexity, uncommodity and ... all the things integrated to a mobile phone that create stress to followers (not early adopters)

Here's a video i foudn on YouTube that summarizes the zillions of options you can find in an iPhone.
It is whimscial maybe, but it surely reveals some true stuff about the heaviness of using such a complicated phone for a common user.

January 11, 2007

Disco Sarko

The pre-elections in France just started but, in a twisted manner.
As you have noticed and read in the news, the candidates used massively the Web in order to talk about themselves and reach people.
Here's a hillarious website,created by fans of Sarkozi or by his communication specilaists.
The message is: Join the friends of Sarkozy !

Quite funny and whimsical, but what's not funny is how they attack Segolène Royal with a mini site that criticizes her actions and her beliefs.

I can't vote in France, so i'm not biased by these elections, but I think that whimsical communication is the best expecially during such occasions like the presidential elections.
Good job guys !

January 10, 2007

Buzz in the Air revealed

This is amazing. Buzz In the Air revealed !
The first concert in an airplane with Jamiroquai!
4 tickets to win in order to assist to the concert and 10 mobile phones W850i.
Thanks Sony Ericsson for this initiative!

January 08, 2007

C'est So Paris

A brilliant website to teach people how to speak/act parisian !
Some gestures are so true! There's also a map that points the most interesting places to visit while in Paris.
C'est coool !!!

January 04, 2007

3 fines lames by Bic razors

After a pre-holidays teasing, Bic launched their new website 3fineslames with an advergame.

I was impressed by the first movie but the advergame and the concept is ... in my opinion, a bit shallow.

Bloggers are invited to post their comments and interact on the dedicated site; About what???For what ??? I don't get it at all. Talk about razors and Bic razors??? what a subject!

I think a lot was invested to produce the 8 movies knowing that with only the first one they could have done a lot better and keep the essence of seduction on an upper level.

Anyway, we will see for how long the site will remain alive !

Buzz In the Air

I found this teasing campaign on
It talks about an experience at 30 000 feet ?!?
There's also the silhouette of Jamiroquai!
I'am eager to know what's all about 'cause apparently there's a revelation soon.
I will keep you posted for eventual updates!

Trade your Beer by Grolsch

Inspired by One red paperclip, Grolsch launched this new Ad to promote the new Green Bottle!
The independent web generators are inspriring more and more tradiotional publicity and it's always a relief to see that the UGC is aiding all media to be more and more creative and close to consumers.

January 02, 2007

Men with Cramps ?!?

Male Menstrual Cramps have directly or indirectly caused the most important events in history.
A hillarious site for ThermaCare, a Menstrual Cramp Relief patch for women: Menwithcramps
Creative, funny, whimsical and surely needed after the vacations and at the starting of the year!

Blogs Logos everywhere

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