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March 29, 2007

Get A Third Life with Kit Kat

The new video by Kit Kat from the Netherlands (I think)
Have a break, Have a Kit Kat !

March 27, 2007

Discover the Michelin Man

Discover the world of Michelin.
One of the best inetractive sites, with several options and animations that show the real innovations in the Michelin universe.The pages encourages in depth exploration of the site and Michelin offers a better way forward with this new interactive and educational infosite for the road of tomorrow.
It's in Flash and 3D animation and the agency behind the project is Campbell-Ewald.

March 26, 2007

Club-Internet: Web Integration

Very nice web animation on Club Internet homepage ! Watch it until the end ! Merci Gisèle !

The farting Squirrel

I was searching during the weekend for some funny fartign videos (yes, I have some weired tendencies), and I landed on this funny new video by Air Action Vigorsol.
Air Vigorsol is a Freshness pill like Polo or Menthos; and to make people talk about it, look what they did:

There's no dedicated website or advergame, but I think the viral video will make it on its own!

March 20, 2007

Eddy G: Lessons of Love

You might have a problem not getting the boy/girlfriend you would like to have. You might have a problem not having an active love life. You might have a problem not getting the attention from the different sex you deserve.
When it comes to love, every problem is worth taking seriously.
Eddy G. is a voodoo priest or Houngen as we call it. He was born in Haiti but moved to New Orleans as a young boy. His father taught him everything that there is to know about Voodoo.
Let him take care of your ruined or non-existing love life!

Here's one of his videos
Thanks Damien for the Tip!

March 19, 2007

Leroy Merlin: Tout renover

Here's a very nice interactive site for renovation lovers & home furniture restorers.
Leroy Merlin, a french mass supplier of home furniture equipments & ready-to-use tools for homemade renovations. You'll discover the know-how, the prices & the interactive professionals that'll explain the perfect steps for restoring your appartement and avoid being swindeled by so-called professional agencies.
Take a look, it's worth it.
Thanks Sybille for the tip !

March 16, 2007

Ray Ban: Never Hide

Ray Ban, or the funkiest sunglasses in the world launched its new campaign: Never Hide
Be bold, Be you is the claim! and to participate in the game and have the chance of seeing your photo On Time Square, all you have to do is send a photo of you, of course, wearing a Ray Ban.
Cool idea & a nice international effort to push user generated content to the limit.

Delarue: The fine to pay

Remember gals I posted a video last week of Delarue, the french TV presnetor have a delirious obscene scene in airplane. Of course the video was fake and it was just a teasing video for Choc magazine.
Well, I knew today that Delarue decided to attack the magazine in justice and asks for a fine of: 100.000 €.
WoW!!! that's enormous but, as you know such magazines are used to be attacked in justice once a month at least :)
The video was great, we enjoyed spreading it on the web & the feedback was perfect!
What I don't understand is that Mistre Delarue could have done something wise for once in his life to change his image, and play the game by accepting the joke.
I know it has to do with money but...what the heck!
Check the articles of the Fines Here and Here

March 14, 2007

Nokia L'Amour

Nokia L'Amour is an extended brand concept seen by the Polish guys !
7 Polish artists were chosen by Nokia to expose their art by following the "L'Amour" concept.
The site, music and visuals will take you deep in the univers of emotions and desire.
You can also add your personal thoughts and quotes about several subjects related to Love such as Desire, Joy . . .
It reminds me of the Bubble campaign by Diesel!

March 13, 2007

Cleaning Day

A very nice video for the "Cleaning day" on the 23rd of March !
And it's share it !

Kodak Vs. Xerox

Kodak Vs. Xerox or the shallowest "so called" viral campaigns.
These two brands launched a "so called" viral videos/concepts; what I don't understand after surfing their respective sites is the humour in them.
It's either me who's being so negative or these brands decided to kill the essence of viral marketing by bullshiting people with their shallow sense of innovation and creativity.
I'll let you decide by yourselves:
Kodak: Ink is it
Xerox: Extreme offices
PS: they don't deserve a pic on my blog :)

March 12, 2007

Mercedes countdown

For the launching of the new Mercedes class C, Wysiwig, a web agency in Spain decided to offer something unusual fornet surfers.Each visitor will have one minute to check the pictures available on the site.
After one minute, the site ain't functional no more and you'll have to revisit it to check more pics.
I like the concept, but I would have offered something new for the second visit !
PS: Nice way to (minimum) double the visits rate to a website :)

March 06, 2007

Delarue in action

Some of you have heard about the french Tv presenter Jean Luc Delarue, who, after taking some Stylnox pills & drinking some booz, attacked the hostesses and the first class travellers!
Well this is the unedited video :)
Nooo, I'm joking, this is the stroy revisited by Buzzman for the magazine CHOC !

Bienvenue chez la famille Barclays

Barclays Bank decided to go Online with a brilliant concept, funny & interactive at the same time: The Barclays Family
Once on the site, you'll discover the Barclays Family, and the Father who invites you to earn his heritage by wisely using the money he'll give you. 4 avatars are here to answer your preferences. The website is superbly designed and the videos are hillarious.
Check it out and have the chance to earn 10 000 € ! and more :)
This is one of the videos that I received:

Uploaded by jeannasr

The mistery Finger

Dear bloggers & readers,
I received this weird pack with a cut finger inside???!!!
I don't understand the message behind or the teaser !
Maybe it's a voodoo thing or a teaser from someone or something :)
The link to the blog: lesmordus says that on the 6th of march we'll witness the most violent movie of the year.
We'll see! Until then, take care !