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March 16, 2007

Delarue: The fine to pay

Remember gals I posted a video last week of Delarue, the french TV presnetor have a delirious obscene scene in airplane. Of course the video was fake and it was just a teasing video for Choc magazine.
Well, I knew today that Delarue decided to attack the magazine in justice and asks for a fine of: 100.000 €.
WoW!!! that's enormous but, as you know such magazines are used to be attacked in justice once a month at least :)
The video was great, we enjoyed spreading it on the web & the feedback was perfect!
What I don't understand is that Mistre Delarue could have done something wise for once in his life to change his image, and play the game by accepting the joke.
I know it has to do with money but...what the heck!
Check the articles of the Fines Here and Here

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