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November 18, 2007

Magic Zaoza

Well guys, I'l the happiest man ever...I recieved a video from the fake street magician, the fake David Blaine for those who don't know him: Youpppiii !

and there's an amazing Hollywoodian trailer for the thingy that will be launched soon in France!!!

Please guys, stop teasing us !!! and reveal your magic Zaoza .

November 16, 2007

Street Magic: The Teaser by Zaoza

I recieved earlier this morning this link
where I found an old video of Street Magic by the famous Fake David Blaine.

The video is hillarious and I am eager to see the sequal.

November 13, 2007

Emma: Je t'aime

Someone created a blog called: Emma, Je t'aime. (Emma, I love You) & he explains that he left his girlfriend and he regrets it really bad ...
So instead of depression, he choose to talk to the entire univers about his regrets...
It's so poetic, it's so tender and true...
We'll...I'm depressed, i thought it was true for a moment... but, look what i found:
the site domain was bought on the 28 of August by:
owner-name: La Chose
One more time, Love is exploited, Love is crashed, Love is ...
All this for a brand, a product, a € ... Please !!!!

November 12, 2007

Diesel Style Lounge

Today, Diesel launched its e-commerce site on
Inspired from the Matrix or the Abyss, the animations are surealistic.
Special effects, great music, a sub water univers, with a touch of poetry.
This new site shows different outfits by Diesel (of course), that you cab buy online through the website.
What impressed me is the 3D Motion Graphics, used for Matrix; the same technology using a digital camera with 250/s in order to obtain high quality slow motions.

November 08, 2007

Believe The YPE's

How to know everything about London? Ask the YPE's.Your Personal Expert is a concept created by Mediaedge:cia for Eurostar in order to communicate about the New train station, St. Pancras, connecting Paris to London.
The concept, produced by Milk & Muller is very interactive since you can communicate Live, every thursday, with one of the YPE's regarding your preferences in life.
You have the Business, Shopping, Clubbing, Culture & Art start by knowing them on
The website, created by Fullsix is perfectly designed with numerous features, a very English touch, and precise expertise on everythign related to London, with God save the Style.
Continue reading (in French) on
and God save the Queen!