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December 02, 2008

L'instant C905 by Sony Ericsson

A mobile brand code trasnformed into a concept ... That's clever.
Sony Ericsson and its creative agency Arthur Schlovsky launched the new Cyber-shot C905 game contest on the 1st of december at 9h05.
The entire concept lies on the 9h05 code / instant.
The Cyber-shot mobile is teh C905, the name of the site is
and the contest is about sending its own photo taken at 9h05.
Thats nice, especialy that the photo already posted on the site are extremly creative and inventive. A partnerhsip with Flickr was set to give a "community" aspect for the contest.
Sony Ericsson plays on the entertainment and creativity side of its brand since the launching of the Walkman and Cyber-shot product lines; this new campaign Instant C905 is probably set to remain in time and gather a Photo community, a Cyber-Shot community that not only will invite people to play, but also communicate on the efficiency of its Cyber-shot brands, for instance teh C905 that has 8 Mega pixels of photo quality...That's a real camera we're talking about.
Visit the site here: