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December 02, 2008

L'instant C905 by Sony Ericsson

A mobile brand code trasnformed into a concept ... That's clever.
Sony Ericsson and its creative agency Arthur Schlovsky launched the new Cyber-shot C905 game contest on the 1st of december at 9h05.
The entire concept lies on the 9h05 code / instant.
The Cyber-shot mobile is teh C905, the name of the site is
and the contest is about sending its own photo taken at 9h05.
Thats nice, especialy that the photo already posted on the site are extremly creative and inventive. A partnerhsip with Flickr was set to give a "community" aspect for the contest.
Sony Ericsson plays on the entertainment and creativity side of its brand since the launching of the Walkman and Cyber-shot product lines; this new campaign Instant C905 is probably set to remain in time and gather a Photo community, a Cyber-Shot community that not only will invite people to play, but also communicate on the efficiency of its Cyber-shot brands, for instance teh C905 that has 8 Mega pixels of photo quality...That's a real camera we're talking about.
Visit the site here:

November 26, 2008

Free Sessions by Canon

After the launch of the Freecording concept, Canon wanted to diversify and amplify it by bringing something new to its community and to the Freecording world.
For this, Arthur Schlovsky, the Studio Media and partner of Canon, came up with a concept that combines Freecording and Freeze (Freeze, is the flashmob that we all saw on YouTube with comedy students Freezing at the Grand Central Station).

The concept is called: Free Sessions, where several sessions of Freecording will be set, filmed and broadcasted on a dedicated website:
The first session is: Rewind.
People Freezed at the Montparnasse station and then, Rewinded their move.
3 amator photographers were invited to participate to this session and film, sorry, Freecord in their own way the session.
I wont go into details, the video speaks for itself.

October 27, 2008

Terry Tate is back too ... supporting Obama !

Terry Tate, is back with his new video supporting Obama and crushing Palin.
If you're American, vote Obama !

check this:

Buddweiser Wazzzzuuup is back !

Buddweiser is back with its new commercial supporting Obama.
Vote Obama guys...if you're american :)

October 12, 2008

Vis le en lentilles: une aventure Cibavision

La marque de lentilles Cibavision (Groupe Novartis) a lancé cette semaine un jeu concours ludique et interactif.
Le but du jeu est d'envoyer une lettre, une photo ou une video mettant en scène la rupture avec ses lunettes, et de déclarer sa flamme à ses lentilles.
Une nouvelle façon de voir les choses et d'aborder sa cible; une cible jeune, aventurière, en mouvement ...
Les gains sont quasi similaires au message que Cibavision veut partager: Vis le en lentilles ...
Vis tes aventures (sportives, physiques, soirées ...) en lentilles; et la vie sera plus simple.
Le site est conçu d'une façon ludique sans tomber dans le ridicule.
Une page d'accueil fraîche et en musique (Mr.Wang), une navigation simple et fluide, une présentation des produits assez claire et une invitation à partager ses questions concernant les lentilles avec les spécialistes de Cibavision.
Vis le en lentilles, un concept signé Athur Schlovsky et une mise en scène média signée Mediaedge:cia avec un partenariat Fun Radio où les animateurs participeront au jeu comme on peut le voir sur le site, et feront participer les inscrits au site en Live du 13 au 17 Octobre.
Je vous invite à visiter le site car, pour une fois, une marque de lentilles pharmaceutique s'aventure dans un jeu intercatif mettant en scène ses produits.

August 25, 2008

Nokia: Open at own risk revealed

Finally the website is online after a weird document saying that it will never be published.
The site is directed to Nokia owners and is too complicated ...
I explain: You need to have your webcam on to break some seals, you need to own a Nokia or go to the Nokia website to search for hints ...
The teasing was too long and the revelation for the public ain't that tasty...

August 06, 2008

Follow your instinct by Samsung

Interactive videos are On.
Samsung is the first to use this new interactive medium in its "Follow your instinct" campaign.
Several scenarios are porposed in the videos; all you have to do is "follow your instinct" and ... get the girls ;)
The idea is nice and simple, the movie editing is great and the product placement is well integrated in the videos.
Play and enjoy.
PS: you should play the video on Youtube and wait until the end to interact.

July 07, 2008

Nokia: Open at own risk

A strange site with an intro video on Friday the 4th ...
A blank site with an IMMEDIATE TERMINATION NOTICE on monday the 7th ?!? a teasing site by Nokia launched last week, and i think the teasing is still playing except if the NOTICE is for real (i don't think so ;)
Anyway, wait and see!

La Grande Traque

Après presque une semaine de teasing, voici la révélation...
Une "traque" aux tableaux volés, un jeu qui peut rapporter 3000 € avec 8 énigmes à résoudre.
Une fois sur le site, une intro explique "la traque" avec des vidéos tournées à la "Chiklis" pour chaque énigme.
Ce qui m'a impressionné sur le site c'est l'intégration du téléphone Sony Ericsson C702 avec ces fonctionnalités GPS dans toutes les vidéos...d'une façon quasi non-intrusive et assez impactante.
Je vous laisse découvrir le site et à vous de traquer le voleur !

June 26, 2008

Artnapping où le Buzz de l'été

25/06/2008: un colis annonyme, un article sur le vol de tableaux ...
c'est tout ce que je sais pour le moment ...

en plus de ça, une adresse d'un blog sur 20minutes:
Le reste est à venir !
Ce qui m'intrigue c'est que je ne sais pas si cette video est vraie ou pas ....
à vous de juger:

Expertise tableaux volés
envoyé par artnapping

June 11, 2008

Michelin Endurance: The Experts

Endurance competions, car racing moto racing ... Who else but Michelin can talk about these sectors with tires that prooved their perfection through the last century?
In order to boost its fun / professional image and follow the Web 2.0 era, Michelin launched its new website Michelin Endurance with several criteria to be seen:
- A 3 D animations of 4 circuits of Le Mans Series and of course, Le Mans 24 hours.
- A viral Movie that explains in a funny way the concept of the Michelin Endurance Expert.
- A full flash website with all the info concerning Michelin Endurance, the MEEC (Michelin Energy Endurance Challenge), the Tires, the circuits (European and American) and the results.
- And a contest to choose the next Michelin Endurance Expert that will cover one of the races, Live from the circuit.
So, if you're an Endurance fan, a car racing lover, register here and maybe become the next Expert !
and to sum up all this, check the viral movie and see what i'm talking about :

March 11, 2008

Incredible Fall by Samsung

Buzzman did it again !
After 2 weeks of teasing me with his eccentric packages... buzzman did it again with a site called: and a video teaser that is worth watching.
I wont go further explaining this Incredible Fall, i'll let you watch & laugh by yourselves !

February 17, 2008

Arthur Schlovsky: The revelation

Finally, the French media & communication sector witnessed on the 13 of February the birth of Arthur Schlovsky: The first Studio Media launched by Mediaedge:cia paris.
It's a new kind of agency integrated to a Media agency, where concepts, their strategies and their production will be integrated to one structure at the heart of Mediaedge:cia Paris.
The whole is set by 3 entities: Stephanie Jolivot from MEC Paris, Hugues Cholez the founder of Le Labviral and Franck Botbol the founder of Milk.
At the head of these 3 assets we have Eric Mourouvin the #2 of MEC Paris.
The team gathers several talents: Marion Lemoine, Julien Grangnet, Serge Pauchard, Laure Mallet, Mathieu Lopato and Jean Nasr.
The hit team is located at MEC Paris (32 rue guersant)
A launching party took place at the Mini Palais where clients, other agencies and fans of Arthur Schlovsky were invited.
It was a blast and hopefully this new agency will perform at its best like its members did for the past 4 years.
A video can be found exclusively on Facebook and soon on

January 18, 2008

Who's Arthur Schlovsky

Recent news talk about a certain Arthur Schlovsky, the guru of advertising coming back from the 80's ...
A story, a myth, a real AdMan, a ...
We'll know more about him beginning February.

January 02, 2008

Mercedes Safety car

Here's the newest site developped Proximity BBDO Paris for Mercedes S Class focusing on the safety features of the Mercedes cars.
The video is perfect to make the visitors live the experience: Safety, Flexibility, Futuristic.The animation and 3D effects are breath taking.A complete and elaborated explanation about the car is then given in order to inform potential buyers of the Mercedes S Class who have (maybe) kids and stuff !Watch the video, surf the's worth it !