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March 31, 2006

Leo Burnett - A website that Kicks Ass

Relenteless - Coca-Cola energy drink

Well designed website for the launching of the new energy drink from Coca-Cola.
I like the graphics and the spirit of the site.
The videos ain't so viral, as they were supposed to be, but the anilations and the story behind them is so cool.
The music is so emotional and catchy, but the teaser isn't so intriguing.
Finally, the slogan, No Half Measures is nice . . . Vs. Gives you wings (from Red Bull)

Friends of Bright

Orbit went online with a new entertaining website called "Friends of bright". Typicaly American with smiling faces everywhere; with a good slogan: Brightness isn't a destination, it'a way of life. The site is full of videos and audio content. take have five minutes and check it out, it's fun and innovating.
(via Adverblog)

March 28, 2006

M Pokora & Francetelecom - The era of Plagiarism

It's a shame, that's all i can say.
France Telecom has launched a new teaser website in collaboration with M Pokora.
The story goes like this:
M Pokora has lost his new single. OH My Freaking God! I am so touched...
anyway, France telecom invites people to come back on the 29th of march to help M Pokora find his new single.
Well, the shameful thingy is that Sony Ericsson launched the same teaser campaign for the W800 in a wiser way, and the story was about the Dj Laurent Wolf who lost his compilation of new tracks.
At least, i believed that there was a lost mobile phone before they revealed their teasing strategy & informed visiotrs that the phone was lost on several websites like:

That's freaky, seeing that people have the guts to copy the same communication strategy of others with no shame whatsoever.
And they call that....The F*ckin' Buzzzzz.

March 26, 2006

Toyota - Knowing better your cutomers

A new form of ads for car dealers in Ontario.

March 21, 2006

Goodyear Run On Flat

Here's a very funny campaign from Goodyear on the danger of chaging your wheels.

3 videos were produced to create the buzz & interact with visitors & send them to the dedicated website: RunOnFlat

Check the third one, it is the one i like the most.

March 20, 2006

My soccer partner

Video sent by jeannasr
How to find a soccer partner?
Well, that's a clever way to do it!

March 19, 2006

Sexy specilality item by AXE

Here we go again; after the AXE Click, here's a new goody for you guys/girls? :) to enjoy your Computer moments.
Enjoy Surfing.
via (marketing-alternatif)

March 17, 2006

Les 5 Péchés mignons

Canderel seen by Karl Lagerfeld.
After Kenzo & some other brands, Canderel launched is dedicated website with Karl Lagerfeld.
Les 5 péchés Mignons: you will be able to win the limited eidtion pack of Canderel designed by Lagerfeld.

Hot Dog - The enigma revealed

The enigma of the 3 weeks online/offline campaign is revealed.
It is Quick, the French fast food restaurant who were behind this great campaign.

March 10, 2006

SAGEM copies Viking Line

God!!! Some companies are so perfect in copying others' people creative concepts.
Here's what i found out today, on the net, for Sagem.
Same concept, same relays, same message, same viral communication, except that the sweedish campaign Viking Line is for boat cruises, and the french one is for a mobile phone.
WOOOO!!! it took this french agency a lot of thinking to come up with such a concept.
Only if they spend the same time on coming up with ideas, instead of searching to copy someone else's idea.

Viking Line Sweeden: cruise your video

To promote its cruises, Viking Line had the idea of proposing to Net surfers to create dance videos, on a funky music, and perhaps gain a weekend for 2 in New York.
The Net surfers are brought to vote on line, and a viral module makes it possible to send links towards the videos.

The result: the site, on which we can find various funky videos, from the pyjamas breaker to the duets of James Bond Girls in socks.
The number of videos posted on the site is rather impressive.
This operation is the proof that the "home-made videos" are interesting participative tools to tie a strong complicity with its prospective customers.
The Net surfers are ready to play the game!

Sony Ericsson - 5 seconds of Fame

Integration. This is what interactive marketing is about: it helps you integrating different media channel. And any marketer should learn to take advantage of such opportunity.
This SonyEricsson campaign probably doesn't have the most original concept ever, but does an excellent job not only integrating channels (Internet, mobile and TV), but also putting the user at the center of the stage.
Basically, what the German agency b+d new media has created is an interactive crossmedia videoclip contest for the new Sony Ericsson cell phone D750i. At can create his own 5 second video clip and shortly after the clips will run in German television on VIVA Plus (MTV network). All shown clips are published in galleries on contest site and weekly the best clips get rewarded by exclusive Sony Ericsson D750i cell phones.

March 09, 2006

CowAdbuction - The Alien invadors

It's a serious problem. Countless bovines are disappearing from dairy farms everywhere.
The numbers of missing cows are on the rise.
This is a nice campaign to encourgae drinking milk.

The best ever spot for HONDA

No Comment, I will let you check it by yourselves

March 06, 2006

Axe: The order of the Serpentine

The latest crazy idea by Axe: The order of the Serpentine

An ancient hidden order, the brotherhood of men, AKA Serpentine, is revealed to help young men overcome shame caused by questionable hook-ups".

For every man aiming at having a clean body and a clean conscience, Axe has launched a new scrubbing gel promoted with the usual, unusual viral idea.

via (Adverblog)

March 04, 2006

A kiss challenge by STIMOROL

Qi, have just launched the Kiss Off competition, a funny viral game for Stimorol Chewing Gum. Set your lip pressure, the tongue thrust and the moisture level and challenge a friend in sexy competition.
Prental Advisory is recommended :)
Enjoy Kissing
via (Adverblog)

Vicks, your daily defender

Vicks, an extremely cold and normal brand decided to go online with its first advergame, Diary Defender.
Nice combination between our daily life and the effect of Vicks on viruses and colds.
The site is simple but entertaining since it takes us back to the Atary TV games and we all have souvenirs with ATARY.
Anyway, enjoy the game and keep yourself warm.
via (Adverblog)

March 02, 2006

Hot Dog Ride

Hot Dog Ride
Video sent by jeannasr
Third movie from

Sexbomb - Love Not War

Sexbomb dwl
Video sent by jeannasr
Make Love Not War