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October 29, 2007

The Bionic Test

A new Tv series Bionic Woman was launched some weeks ago on NBC. A dedicated website was developped to communicate about this new series with a Bionic Test to take in some minutes.
The porblem is that the test doesn't work on an AZERTY keyboard and you should change the settings of your PC in order to play. It's a bit decieving for french people but ... I don't think the communication is targeting frenchies :) so it ain't a big problem !
I enjoyed the game and it kept on the BAT site for some long minutes.
Hopefully the series will come to France to see how it looks like !
My score is only : 26% Bionic because of the keyboard...i'll redo it as soon as I get my keyboard settings changed

See What You're Made Of - Visit The Official Site

October 15, 2007

Mars ... et ça repart !

Une source proche de Mars nous apprend qu'une version de film télé, alternative à celle qui passe en ce moment, a été proposée mais n'a pas été retenue pour son aspect assez sexo-provocant .

Néanmoins, son côté décalé m'a suffisamment séduit pour vous inciter à visionner cette copie !
En tout cas, j'aime bien, et on sait tous ce qu'on fait quand on veut que ... ça repart ;)

Interactive video clip: Arcade Fire

This is the first time I see such a perfect interactive video clip.
Arcade Fire, the Canadian Indie group launched their Neon Bible clip on the web, with an interactive Flash / HTML / Roll over & Click .
Well, the virtual era is taking a leap beyond TV existence.
Now you can even interact with a musical video clip, listen to the song, know the band and especially spend time watching the creative work of the group.
Interact here and enjoy !

October 05, 2007

Radiohead : In Rainbows

It's set...Radiohead will launch their new album In rainbow on their own website and they will offer to the World, for free all the album songs.
This is not the first time that a band does this, Prince did it before; but what's new about their offer is that you can download the album and then decide the amount of money you wanna pay for it !
You can pay "0" and you can pay 1.000.000 ...
it depends if you liked the album or not !
Thanks Radiohead for this gift !
and by the way, the album will be launched on the 10th of October (not in January as media said earlier this month)
Hopefully, it will do a great buzz and people will pay a certain amount of pounds cause Radiohead deserve it !