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November 26, 2008

Free Sessions by Canon

After the launch of the Freecording concept, Canon wanted to diversify and amplify it by bringing something new to its community and to the Freecording world.
For this, Arthur Schlovsky, the Studio Media and partner of Canon, came up with a concept that combines Freecording and Freeze (Freeze, is the flashmob that we all saw on YouTube with comedy students Freezing at the Grand Central Station).

The concept is called: Free Sessions, where several sessions of Freecording will be set, filmed and broadcasted on a dedicated website:
The first session is: Rewind.
People Freezed at the Montparnasse station and then, Rewinded their move.
3 amator photographers were invited to participate to this session and film, sorry, Freecord in their own way the session.
I wont go into details, the video speaks for itself.