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December 30, 2006

Superman Returns: the game

Few big-screen franchises have fallen so far or so fast as Superman, who has been absent from multiplexes for nearly two decades. “Superman Returns” provides a most satisfying resurrection, especially for those who have always regarded the Superman story as a Christ allegory.

After watching the movie, I admit that some oldtimers will be shocked by the difference between the acting and the actors, but, it surely has the same taste of the old Superman, our childhood hero Clark Kent.

An advergame was launched in France to promote the launch of the DVD "Superman Returns"
The DVD is expected to be released on the 12th of January.
The advergame is simple yet extremely hard to control ! Check it here

December 27, 2006

Bic comfort Advance

The razors are starting again to Buzz!
After following for an entire year (2006) the D.A.R.E Wilkinson campaign, here's a fresh one from Bic with 8 viral movies: that will be launched on the 4th of Januray.
You can check the first one

And soon, more viral Bic movies will be available!
Hope more tits will explode :)

December 21, 2006

Meal or No Meal

Here's an online gameshow called Meal or No Meal and features a very annoying presenter.

God knows where the inspiration came from, but it is surely interactive :) that is brought to you by

I didn't really get the point of it but I admit the presenter is really annoying!

December 20, 2006

FillesTV : Guerilla Marketing

After , for Filles TV, Première Heure & Buzzman launched a guerilla marketing campaign as edgy as their website:

And here's the making of the Guerilla operation:

Guerilla Filles TV
Uploaded by jeannasr

I will let you check the pics: No comment :)

December 19, 2006

Cherchez Souchon : Buzz It up

Here's a twisted video clip by Alain Souchon to launch his new CD: Putain ça penche !
The french singer got caught by the UGC symptom and filmed his entire clip by using his webcam, alone, in his room!
Ain't this great.

Cherchez Souchon, a dedicated website created by Milk is here to boost the campaign and interact with visitors and fans.
The main goal is to capture Souchon while he appears in a similar video clip done by fans!
You can also send your own remixed clip and win a DV camera!
Enjoy the game and especially the clip!

Alain Souchon: Putain ça penche
Uploaded by jeannasr

December 18, 2006

Web users : Time's magazine Man of the Year

Time Warner Inc.'s Time magazine named Internet users behind the self-made content on sites such as YouTube Inc. and as its "Person of the Year," reflecting the Web's "digital democracy." "For seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game, Time's Person of the Year for 2006 is you".

That's really interesting to note, especially after the 2004 Man of the Year: Geroges W.Bush :)It's a real huge step for Internet and net users and the UGC era !

We will keep on the good work!

To get the full story click here.

December 15, 2006

La Sainte Alice avec Alice Telecom

Ste Alice, it's tomorrow, 16 december.
For this occasion, a mini-site was created for Alice, the internet provider in France (of Telecom Italia), allows you to create and send personilized videos, with Alice as the main character of several themes. You can wish a Merry X-mas for your friends or even ask for a raise from your boss !

Check it !

December 13, 2006

Inside Toyota's brain

One of the nicest and best animated cars websites of the year (it's personal).
What's on Toyota's mind ??? I will let you figure out by yourself.

Otto: guerilla marketing

Via Adverblog, a creative door-to-door marketing campaign for Otto, a huge mail-order company in Germany.
As you can see in the picture below, a sticker featuring the model Eva Padberg, Otto's catalogue and the order number, was attached to the spyhole of thousands of houses around Germany.

It was done before by Pizza Voyeur, So what ???!!!

As martina said, for advertisers like us it may look a hasbeen idea, but for the consumer and the target market it ain't the case.

December 11, 2006

Burger King Vs. Xbox

With its new , Burger King continues its Integrated Brand Content by creating a game in collaboration with Xbox. It is called: .
The is whimsical but the offer is nice and the videos are funny.
And guess who's the person behind the mask of the B.King: It's YOU ! ! !

There's also an intercative advergame : "Dance Dance revolution" with some cheats to discover and unlock stages.

December 06, 2006

The real Borat

I found this website by mistake and I wonder if it is for real or not.

The date of opening the site is 2002 than again 2005.

Here's a short summary about the real Borat :) and you can check his site HERE.

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She can stay my home ........

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