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May 25, 2007

FHM: copies the Diesel Heidies

Everyone knows “For Him Magazine” for its sumptuous models and its "glamour" communication.
Here's one trashy website talking about 2 hostages: its chief copywriter, Lomig Guillo and one of its models, Virginia Gervais.
Serialbuzzer is at the origine of this idea...
I don't think so... actually, Diesel had the same idea several months ago with the Heidies??!!
The only difference is that the FHM website/story lacks creativity and a teasing effect
and guys, the video is quite awfull !
Sorry for being that negative but I hate it when people copy ideas and transform them into a degrading concept. Sometimes we can get inspired by others' ideas, but we should make sure that we don't spoil them ;)
Right Martina ???

1 comment:

Martina said...

Yes, the idea is not original, plus I had a look at the video, as you said, it's just trashy!