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June 30, 2006

Tahiti Homme Kitesurf Team

Tahiti Homme launched a new dedicated website to promote the new fragrances of shower gel.
For this, Tahiti Homme sponsored a kitesurf team called : F-One.
The videos are amazing and sensational and there's a game contest to win a weekend of initiation to the kitesurf.
That's a good idea since the only brand that knew how to target man Only was AXE.
And now, I think Tahiti Homme is trying ot reach the same audience with a complementary product for sensual MEN.
Check the videos Here

June 28, 2006

The Ad Guy

The Ad Guy
Video sent by jeannasr
A creative AD for and ADvertising Agency

June 25, 2006

The Barber Shop

Looks like the Shaving Industry is adventuring more and more in the viral business.
After Wilkinson with the DaRE association, and the Gillette response to it, the Barber Brigade with Sharps launbched a new website.
Nice design and amusing interactions make the site worth a visit.

June 22, 2006

Beer League new movie

Soap Creative launched a new advergame to promote the Australian movie: Beer League

Very "Nasty" guys :)

Eurostar viral campaign

I wasn't able to see or sense the blink in this viral campaign for eurostar.
More than 20 videos to explain the same thing and try to make us laugh . . .
Well, doing an alternative website to talk about a brand and try to catch netsurfers ain't that simple and shallow.
What i am realizing is that agencies nowadays are having the tendency to give the name VIRAL to any of their Multi-Video website with a man/woman trying to make us laugh.

That ain't viral buddy !

June 21, 2006

Play the game with your voice, an advergame Cisco System has just launched for the World Cup. The purpose of the game is to score some goals by using an evolving technology that makes you play only by using your voice. It is quite strange and funny to interact with your screen via your phone. Then, as your shoot depends on the tone, volume, depth of your voice,

you will either like it of hate it.

I will let you decide about it. Say Booommm

June 20, 2006

Gillette response to the DaRE Wilkinson

Boston Digitals launched a new website for Gillette : No Scruf. This website is a response to the one created by Le Labviral for Wilkinson: DaRE Wilkinson that won many prizes in France, thanks to the creative idea of the Extravagant Shaving. The No Scruf website is silly, regarding the way it is presented and the poor message by Gillette : Let's do something right away to face the Perfect Idea of Wilkinson. Anyway, good luck for the next time Gillette...nice try :) And please, what is this cheap deisgn ???

June 09, 2006

Le Grand Prix Stratégies

After Le Prix Clics D'Or, Le Labviral won another prize, Grand Prix Stratégies for the same campaign : DaRE Wilkinson.
The campaign won the prize on the category : Best Interactive Campaign for 2005/06.

Well done :
- Hugues Cholez - Jean Nasr (Le Labviral)
- Christophe Dane (MEC Interaction)
- Franck Botbol (Milk)
- Georges Mouhammad Cherif (Buzzman)

June 02, 2006


On Sunday, June 18th 2006, Paul MacCartney will be 64 years old.

He wrote about this day in the song "When I'm Sixty-Four" included in the
greatest album ever, "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band",
released in '67 by the greatest band of all times, The Beatles.

To celebrate his birthday and honour the band, we call upon all of
those who were affected by them to gather on Sunday, June 18th, at 12 noon
sharp, to listen to and remember "When I'm Sixty-Four".

Happy Birthday to you Paul! Happy Bithday to The Beatles! And thank you for
all the happiness you've brought us!"
Meeting Places :
Paris : Champ de Mars, Tour Eiffel
Lyon : Place Bellecour
Marseille : Vieux Port
New York : Central Park
Londres : Trafalgar Square
Berlin : Porte de Brandebourg
Rome : Trinité dei Monti
Bruxelles : Grand Place
Tokyo, Moscou : Place Rouge
Pékin : Place Tien an men
Madrid, Barcelone : Plaza Real
via Buzzman

Pokerroom : It's all about positioning launches two viral clips today to promote one of the largest and oldest online poker rooms in the world.
They have been voted as having the best Poker site globally in 2005 & 2006.
The clips, produced by Viral Tactics, can be viewed here:
Enjoy !

MEC Paris : Winner of the Clics d'Or 2006

MEC Paris, Le Labviral & Mec interaction did it again, for the second consecutive year, and won the Clics D'or 2006 in the category : Communiquer with the

We are proud of our prize especially that last year we won the same prize for :
Les riches contre Euromillions.

Many thanks for Wilkinson (Ms.Clothilde) for having the Balls to take the risk of working with Us ;)
Milk for the perfect production of the movies.
And Buzzman, for the creative collaboration.

Buzzman also won the third prize on the same category for Quick : I Love Hot Dog, for which the Labviral did the entire online teasing campaign.
That's the "Active Engagement Spirit".

June 01, 2006

Low Cost Commercials?!?

I got this mail from my fiend Mag.
Briefly, it talks about low Cost advertising and here what it says in english (for my English readers).
The F.L.P.P gathers famous parisian advertising executives, systematically involved within the creative jurys.
Few days before the advertising Cannes Festival, the F.L.P.P denounces, with strict firmness, those that try to make believe that it's possible to pay TV advertising LESS.
Those who claim that with 250.000 euros, they program effective TV campaigns of 100 spots, production of spots and consumer pre-testing included.
Those who make believe that they produce films with a HD vide with same quality and effectiveness that in 35mm.

Worse still: they dare to affirm that it is not necessary to go to South Africa or Argentina to make good films.
It is intolerable. This scandal must stop!
TV Advertising must remain expensive: our future, our égo and our way of life depend on it!
The F.L.P.P will not let this bunch of activists withdraw us the caviar of the mouth!

And here's the uncensored activists spot :