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September 20, 2007

Kit gourmand: the revelation

Well...we didn't have to wait until the 24th to see the revelation of the site.
as I mentioned earlier in this post.
Les Hommes Objets are already online and kicking. Who else but Buzzman can buzz the buzzer that well !
The site is about the 20 years anniversary of TF1 tele shopping.
Several types of men are proposed on the site: the Alarm Man, the Jar Opener Man ...
You can also create your own Ombre ... so, ladies, if you ain't happy with your teddy bear, you have the chance now to create your own Monster.
The site is easy to surf, the game contest is a short registration & basta.
I think that the email database will explode since the gift is catchy.
I will wait to see the real Homme Objet Live in paris during October.
Until then, thanks Buzzman for the Pickles !

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