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April 28, 2006

INA : archives for everyone

INA, the National Audiovisual Institute launched today its website with more than 100 000 files to view, remember and download.
The website was instantly overloaded with visitors, more than 6 000 000 in the first hour, and the traffic was constantly rising.
Today and after 24 hours of the launch, the archive page is still overly crowded.
I am waiting for my turn to check some old archives like JFK assassination.
Here you go : INA.FR

April 27, 2006

A Porn Website by Signal

A teasing URL address, a website full of links to Sex sites, dating plans and Porn DVD's ? ! ? !
Well, I don't understand but I think, as Laurent from Tribeca mentioned, it's a teasing campaign revealed in an intriguing URL address that drives traffic and creates the intended buzz.
We'll wait and see.
If you have more info, please forward them.
Thanks Laurent for the post.
The revelation:
A huge mistake !!! They didn't know that the URL redirects to a porn website :)
The traffic towards this website was great but after the revelation nothign happened and all the MONEY was wasted :)

The Axe Effect - Click More

The buzz began, with the first movie clip done by amateurs;
I hope it will become big as the Budweiser effect, at least we will have some fun for a while.

Mini Cooper Alternative Communication

This is one clever alternative street operation for Mini Cooper in France during winter sports.

April 24, 2006

French Politics Viral video

That's one nice site about french politics, for the American people to understand.
It is called : Bonjour America, reminding me of the movie Good Morning America with Robin Williams.
The movie is hallarious and the feedback from bloggers is positive.
Well done Mr.Cyrille aka VinVin.

April 21, 2006

Buzz Sex at the Rivington Hotel

After Moby with his last album, "Hotel", Levy, on of my favorite bands, shot its new video clip at the Rivington hotel.
I never been there but there's something about the services, the price, the calm and view that this hotel provides.
It seems that most of the trendy rock groups spend their spare time there while on tour.
Anyway, here's the clip from Levy, and the sex/erotic shots in it :)

When Engagement Matters

Here's a nice article from Clickz about Engagement and the things we miss while launching a campaign.
It is funny the way we concentrate sometimes our efforts on creating a well designed website or a well produced mini film while missing some important issues like:
- My marketing and communication objectives of my online campaign?
- My target?
- The ROI?
Engagement also involves that most dubious aspect of the marketer-consumer relationship: emotion. That's where things get tricky.
Viral marketing applications can also be effective where engaging consumers is concerned if they serve a purpose beyond just that. Take a moment to recall some of the most popular viral videos and interactive tools and you'll realize their success wasn't measured in their ability to engage alone. Sometimes, the subject matter reinforces the core benefits of their products. Often, it boosts purchase intent. Either way, engagement is just a happy bi-product of an already valuable marketing effort.
Read the entire article Here

April 19, 2006

Pizza Freschetta : The silly failure

Here's the story:
The marketing department of Euro RSCG in Paris decided to go Online and create the buzz for Pizza Freschetta.
To make it short, they failed, BIG TIME.
The reason I'm writing this post is because of an article I read on Le Journal du Net, where the person who created the concept and the online campaign thinks and still believes that he didn't fail even with his 10 000 euros budget.
I's a shame, I say; It's a shame 'cause the concept wasn't a BUZZ as he says, and dear Mr. Marc Chirron, 1 500 visitors per month are unmentionable and it is better to keep this number for yourself and stop ruining the image of viral marketing in France with your silly shallow concepts.

Bacardi Live Radio

The Bacardi Live Radio is ON, (with a Mobile option).
That's amazing; the media world is changing, so are the habits of people consuming media.
I wrote an article about that; you can view it HERE.
It is called: The return of God to ZION.

April 14, 2006

Coca Cola & the World Cup 06

A great TV spot by Coca Cola to celebrate the 2006 World Cup. This spot is in French and there's another one in Spanish. The French one is to support the French team and the Spanish one is for the Argentinian team. Check teh spots here:

April 13, 2006

New Knorr F%"&§ dinners

Here's the new spot for Knorr Dinner Entrées: Bad Word.
They're unlike any fucking dinner you've ever tried.
Brilliantly executed spot & the voiceover is perfect.

April 11, 2006

Webaroo - Your Offline search engine

Search firm Webaroo launched the first Offline Search engine allowing people to serach internet content while being offline.
All you have to do is downloading Webaroo and selecting the sites you wann search by being Offline.
Usefull program for people in move and especially when you are soemwhere when you dont have a network connection.

Wet T-Shirt Contest

A nice and creative way to promote a new single;
Morningwood, a punk / garage / alternative group came up with a cool and sexy idea to promote their new single.
The girl is so sexy and the viral site is so tempting.
Check it here.

Extremely Sexy Video Promotes Text Messaging

This video promoting a text messaging service is extremely well thought of, but it makes viewers wait way, way, waaaaay too long for the punchline. Anyway. It's from the UK. They like these stuff.
via (Adrants)

April 10, 2006

Chope les boules with Knacki Balls

Knacki Balls launched an interactive website with a participative game, where visitors can win Ipods by sending their videos.
The video should express their perception about Knacki Balls.

An advergame was developed to interact with visitors.
Funny and well designed website.

April 08, 2006 Searches Hit Record High

Car searches on hit a record high in March - exceeding 8.3 million unique visitors - according to the site's most recent Consumer Search Index report. The growth is attributed to's national cable TV advertising campaign, which launched last month, contributed to the rise in site traffic, driving buyers to the site to conduct the research process. The list of largest month-over-month increases for new vehicles was topped by Dodge Caliber (229 percent).

Dodge Caliber Targets Young Buyers, Sets Sights on Web

Targeting a tough-to-reach, hip demographic - college-educated, single, 25- to 35-year-olds with a $45,000 median income - for its Caliber compact car, Dodge is taking a shot at connecting with them via the web. Dodge will allocate 20 percent of its Caliber ad budget to "nontraditional" ads, including online and gaming - a significant increase from the 4-5 percent or so for campaigns a few years ago, and from a generous 10 percent for some models nowadays.

Online ads will focus on comedy, music, animation and sports sites. The campaign will run banners on sites like The Onion, Daily Candy, and The Knot; it will run 30-second pre-roll video ads on Time Warner's newly launched "Office Pirates" site. Dodge will also create a branded character on MySpace in May and offer avatars on Yahoo and MSN IM clients.
Dodge has built four online games with the Caliber and integrated it into four console games for Playstation and Xbox, including EA Sports' "Fight Night 3," Ubisoft's "And1," and two Tom Clancy games from Red Storm Entertainment.

April 06, 2006

Kellogg's New media approach

All-Bran Collegues
Video sent by kelloggs
Kellogg's chose to launch its new media campaign ALL BRAN via the net, in avant-première before communicating on TV.
It's such a new approach, especially that the 3 spots are produced in a sitcome way and the 30 seconds spot is funny.
Check the one i like and for the other two you can find them on:

April 04, 2006

Diesel Jewellery

The new Cabinet of Vision website for Diesel Jewellery.
Very creative and well designed.

The battle of Fresh Breath Gums

After the Friends of Bright from Orbit White, Winterfresh has launched a whimsical website featuring cartoon characters from the U.S.A with a weird animation.
It is called: cool breath power and it ain't that inviting.

With a totally opposite interactive campaign, Dentyne Ice launched an cool website with a voting game and a pack to win.
I voted for the fourth one. What is your vote?

It seems like the battle of fresh breath gums is launched this spring.