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February 15, 2006

HUMO Magazine - Trashy Campaign

From Belgium a good idea taken too far.
The Humo Magazine campaign by Duval Guillaume Brussels started with a humorous ad with Saddam, and then the concept was taken to the extreme by featuring a plane about to crash into the WTC.
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Such a nice Creative campaign.


Daniel said...

Agreed. The Saddam one is damn clever, the Michael Jackson is very much on par. But the JFK and WTC ads are just a step too far into the realm of being tasteless.

Jean Nasr said...

Yeah, they might be tasteless, but they reflect the reality we are living in, and since it is a magazine or something, i think it was wise to exploit these important dates and events

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I don't get it. How can you have an opinion on these ads if you don't even know the brand? I live in Belgium, and I can say for sure: this campaign is at the very essence of the brand Humo. It perfectly illustrates where the brand stands for. If you don't likt the campaign, then you would'n read the magazine if you lived here.

Jean Nasr said...

mister ANONYME...
the campaign with all its ads is amazing,
i don't know if your message is adressed to me or to daniel...
but, as i said in my post, the campaign is perfect and creative.