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February 02, 2006

DaRE Wilkinson: Do your Shaving Out

Wilkinson launched its new concept: DaRE.
It stands for: "Droit aux rasages extravagants" which means in English, The right for extravagant shaving.
This campaign is extremely Daring & exquisite regarding its concept, its delirious interactivity with visitors and the voting part which reminds us of Hot Or Not Hot.

The video on the site are well done and perfectly executed by Milk, and the concept set by the Labviral of Mediaedge:cia Paris is one of a kind.

This campaign sounds good and perfectly shaped especially that Wilkinson accepted such an Out of the Box concept and took the risk to set itself aside from its competitors by transcending the basic purpose of shaving for men.
Check it, it's DaRE

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