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February 16, 2006

BenQ Siemens - Et si on parlait?

In order to launch its new CL75 Poppy in France, BenQ Siemens created a dedicated website.
It is called: my-siemens and it illustrates a well known french comedian, Arnaud Gidoin in 6 different spots that constitute short sequals.
On the website you can find a game contest where people are invited to send their videos and win 1 year of shopping in several shops, 10 packs of the new CL75 Poppy.
The website is targeting women as the new cellphone is addressed to them.

The design of the site and the videos are well executed; as for the game contest, i find it very hard to push people to send videos in order to participate in a lottery game.
Anyway, we will see the feedback later on.

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