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October 30, 2005

Mobile Phones

Samsung launches its new advergame
A wise and meticulous Advergame with a TV relay. The TV spot intrigues us with an enigma and a website address. The advergame ain’t that easy to solve. The prize is of a value: trip to L.A And 50 Samsung DVD players.Try it, It’s fun!

Nokia 20 lives : multicanal buzz campaign
An interactive site developped by Nokia offering 20 Lives for the participants
Relay on MTV &
To gain 1 stay in Las Vegas, 1 stay in Monaco, 1 flight in the helicopter, 1 Spa weekend and 18 Nokia telephones
750 000 participants

Motorola launches an iPod phone !
Motorola launches the "Rokr"; a mobile phone which make possible to store music and functions with iTunes
For the communication campaign, Motorola chose: Madonna, Iggy Pop, Green Day...

Panasonic - the creation of a parodic site, humour and self-derision Panasonic diverted the concept of telling people that OUR product is fun...and created an association of people against fun; the members of this association will vote for poducts that seem to be fun . . . and the new panasonic Sv is one of them. Cool way to change a bit from traditional messages.

SAMSUNG searches for trendsetters Samsung France, organized an interactive game combining street marketing & internet from 30 April to 28 May 2005, entitled "SAMSUNG MP3 STREET LAB 2005" a shutter recruitment consists in selecting potential ambassadors of the brand during animations organized in the street by the teams (Street teams)

Elections consist in choosing 100 ambassadors of the brand during votes organized on the site The 100 elected candidates will be equipped with walkmans MP3 Samsung YP-f1z and will have to play the role of the ambassadors for the brand

Music Stores furious against Madonna and France Teleco As opposed to what France Telecom declared on Monday October 17, the single 'Hung up' of Madonna is indeed available in remote loading on Orange and Wanadoo, on mobile and PC, via a protected platform.

From the 7th of November to the 14th, the users will be able to discover six new titles, but only in streaming. On November the 14th, the official date of launching the album, all the songs will be downloadable.