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June 11, 2008

Michelin Endurance: The Experts

Endurance competions, car racing moto racing ... Who else but Michelin can talk about these sectors with tires that prooved their perfection through the last century?
In order to boost its fun / professional image and follow the Web 2.0 era, Michelin launched its new website Michelin Endurance with several criteria to be seen:
- A 3 D animations of 4 circuits of Le Mans Series and of course, Le Mans 24 hours.
- A viral Movie that explains in a funny way the concept of the Michelin Endurance Expert.
- A full flash website with all the info concerning Michelin Endurance, the MEEC (Michelin Energy Endurance Challenge), the Tires, the circuits (European and American) and the results.
- And a contest to choose the next Michelin Endurance Expert that will cover one of the races, Live from the circuit.
So, if you're an Endurance fan, a car racing lover, register here and maybe become the next Expert !
and to sum up all this, check the viral movie and see what i'm talking about :

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