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January 23, 2007

Diesel in hostage !

Blackmail, a hostage, a little extorsion and some stealing did the trick.
These girls have something Diesel doesn't. And they don't just mean the website.
Two crazy girls have kidnapped a Diesel sales representative, have locked themselves in an hotel room and now want to show the world what they're doing to him.
And they're going to become FAMOUS! Or at least so they say.
All this is being streamed on line, starting Monday 22nd of January.
People arriving now at the website ­ can not only interact with the girls (and our poor sales rep) thorough alive chat, but can actually choose the camera angle they are going to be viewing from.
There's a video that shows how the kidnapping happened: Crime Reconstruction

Check it now, because it's not clear how long they can last.
Thanks Martina

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