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September 09, 2006

Dare Wilkinson : The Mask

Finally, a brand knew how to make fun of itself to make people : laugh, participate and interact.
After the, with the Shaving Out campaign, Le Labviral of Mediaedge:cia Paris & Milk, launched the next step of the DARE.

After a huge Buzz over the net and on all medias, with 3 honorable prizes (Stratégies, Clicks D'Or & Lion of Bronze at Cannes Advertising Festival) Wilkinson Sword decided to go on with the DaRE concept with a third movie, to elevate the concept from a Twisted idea, to a real through the line campaign.

The Mask! a twisted concept similar to the American TV merchandizing channels.
Well executed and perfectly deisgned to bring the essence of TV mechandizing and put it in a whimsical Ad.
Bravo for the concept and ... I'm DaRE :)

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