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November 01, 2006

Company Generated Content

Everybody has been talking from a while about Web 2.0, User Generated Content ... and crap like that.
What i don't understand is several things; all this so-called UGC and at more than 80% on average is Generated by Brands, Online Companies, Media Agencies, sponsored links and videos and podcasts and ... all that you can mention in the sector of Online Advertising.

All these so called Content providers and Content suppliers manage to be in the same conference, the same reunion, the same celebration, the same award ceremony.

It's like a Gansta clan that share and exchange compliments and especially, awards and prizes by thinking that this will boost their market shares, their importance, their Ego.

I agree with George Parker from ADHurl about his latest article, and Adrants on their opinion about the latest frickin' release by JWT.

This is becoming sick. and arrogant.
The essence of blogging lost its taste; we don't know anymore which blogger is being objective, which video is unsponsored, which small banner inserted on a blog is done freely without the creative interference of a brand or an online media agency and which ass (the animal, not the physiological term) will release the latest fake Consumer G C.

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