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April 21, 2006

When Engagement Matters

Here's a nice article from Clickz about Engagement and the things we miss while launching a campaign.
It is funny the way we concentrate sometimes our efforts on creating a well designed website or a well produced mini film while missing some important issues like:
- My marketing and communication objectives of my online campaign?
- My target?
- The ROI?
Engagement also involves that most dubious aspect of the marketer-consumer relationship: emotion. That's where things get tricky.
Viral marketing applications can also be effective where engaging consumers is concerned if they serve a purpose beyond just that. Take a moment to recall some of the most popular viral videos and interactive tools and you'll realize their success wasn't measured in their ability to engage alone. Sometimes, the subject matter reinforces the core benefits of their products. Often, it boosts purchase intent. Either way, engagement is just a happy bi-product of an already valuable marketing effort.
Read the entire article Here

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