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October 19, 2006

Les Nuits des Clans

A secret organization based on the Marie Stuart 's life ??? that organises on every fullmoon the best parties, in the most hip places ???

Well, that's what Nouveau Jour, one of the best Event/Online marketing Agencies in Paris imagined for Clan Campbell.

The members of the Clan will meet each other at those parties and the idea is to propose a game that let players discover where the next party will be located.

On each scrolling screen there are some hot spots that give hints and let you go to the next screen. If people don't find the hot spots, they will appear after a while.

After the each level of the advergame, people have to register the continue and have a chance to win a trip to London with 3 friends. The online competition will last 5 months and the next month we will be able to play for a Barcelona trip.

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